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The Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood Getting A Major Renovation

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Ridgewood NJ , next week the Bergen County’s parks and recreation will be breaking ground on a major update at the Saddle River County Park Wild Duck Pond.

The $1.7 million renovation aims to save the pond and the fish, but create new  educational programming.

The renovation aims to deepen the pond ,improve water circulation and prevent a fish kill, or a rapid die-off of the fish population mostly due to lack of oxygen in water.

The Wild Duck Pond was originally fed by the Saddle River, but when a dam on the River was removed and its hydrology was altered, the river became disconnected from the pond and no longer provided it with surface flow. Over time, the pond began to experience high nutrient loads, algal blooms, and fluctuating water levels.

The renovation is being funded by $1.25 million in grants from the county’s Open Space Trust Fund and the state’s Green Acres program.

4 thoughts on “The Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood Getting A Major Renovation

  1. That is great news. A lovely park became an eyesore and embarrassment.

  2. Drove by today, water is putrid

  3. Hope they remember the pond needs a natural liner. Last renewal created a pond that did not hold water.

  4. That park is a shit hole it’s about time.

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