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There are 564 municipalities in New Jersey Virtually All Require you to Clean Your Sidewalk of Snow

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Ridgewood NJ, Village of Ridgewood Residents are required to clear snow and ice on abutting sidewalks within 24 hours after the storm has passed. CBD sidewalk must be kept clear during business hours and completely cleared by 9 AM the following morning. Please remember that children are walking to schools and bus stops. Residents with corner properties are asked to provide pedestrian crossing access.

To find out about snow removal rules in your town, visit the local website or contact the municipal clerk.

Typically, towns mandate residents to clear snow from sidewalks on their properties within a specified time

frame following the cessation of snowfall. This requirement may be as immediate as four hours in cases where snow accumulates overnight. In other instances, towns may stipulate an eight-hour deadline for snow removal after the snowfall stops. Some municipalities may allow a more lenient 24-hour window for residents to clear snow from their properties.

Beyond sidewalk maintenance, certain towns may extend regulations to include clearing walkways leading to entry doors. Additionally, residents might be obligated to remove snow around fire hydrants situated on their properties.

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