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>This is what happens when you have weak form of local government

>This is what happens when you have weak form of local government. The Faulknarian, non-partisan, village charter is proving our undoing. There is no counter balance or opposing parties to keep the other in check. While this Utopian set-up worked for many decades, due to the fact that we were in essence a one party village, in the past few years it has made governing all but impossible.

Without political parties to provide support to elected officials and a counter weight to the other, a void of political courage arises in times of trouble and hence no one takes responsibility for anything.

In the meantime, a hired hand runs our village. We have effectively, removed our representatives from governing us and placed our fate in bureaucrats. Our model of local government is a relic of days gone by and should be replaced with one which fosters the competition of ideas. The Rockwellian world of Ridgewood being a sleepy little commuter town is a thing of the past. We need real leadership in this day and age and our form of government prohibits such.

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