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Three issues facing the village

Letter: Three issues facing the village

Friday, November 15, 2013
The Ridgewood News

Three issues facing the village
Linda McNamara

To the Editor:

I have three town issues currently on my mind that I believe reflect the opinions of many other town residents. I will try to be brief.

1. The Valley Hospital proposed expansion plan is just too big for the location. That is the bottom line.

As village residents, we are all restricted in what we can build and/or renovate on our own private property. No matter how valuable we view the hospital, it is located in the center of a residential neighborhood that contains two schools.

The Master Plan was developed for a reason. To disregard it, even for a hospital, is doing a disservice to the residents of the village both present and in the future.

2. The Schedler property now owned by the village located between Route 17 and West Saddle River Road is being considered for development. It hosts a house built in the early 1800s, a park-like acreage that includes four acres of trees and is seen as an asset to the neighbors as well as to the village.

A proposed 90-foot baseball diamond threatens the integrity of this valuable open space. Proactive groups have offered many options that include a similar development that has proven so successful at the Habernickel Family Park and hope they will be heard by the council members.

3. Lastly, the Village Council is in the process of establishing a much-needed shade tree commission. My one concern is that one of the proposed policies to be enacted will be a ban on any new tree plantings in the right of way. This will have a disastrous effect on the look of our community as well as all the environmental advantages that trees bring.

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2 thoughts on “Three issues facing the village

  1. 1. Valley
    2. Development plans for CBD
    3. Unethical and incompetent Village government

  2. Anonymous:

    1. Valley2. Development plans for CBD3. Unethical and incompetent Village government

    I like your style… you should run for VC.

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