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Time for Ridgewood to Lose the , ” For Sale Signs “


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June 14,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

New Caanan  Ct, Realtors in New Caanan, Connecticut, where celebrities and CEOs live side-by-side on well-kempt estates, are so worried about the housing market that they have taken the counter-intuitive step of banning “for sale” signs.The Board of Realtors in New Canaan, Conn., where Harry Connick Jr., Paul Simon and NBC newsman Brian Williams have homes, voted to take down all such signs by July 1, and the Town Council could make it an ordinance after a six-month trial period.
Like New Jersey high taxes and a weak job market is pressuring many residents to seek greener pastures  else where.

Connecticut has the third-worst credit rating in the country, and its deficit has reached nearly $5 billion. According to a 2017 estimate by the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Nutmeg State only has $240 million in its ‘rainy day fund’—only five states have a smaller cushion.

Connecticut like New Jersey has hemorrhaged corporations under two-term Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy, who announced he would not seek re-election this November. Insurance giant Aetna, which was based in the state’s capital since 1853, moved in January to New York City. And General Electric left its headquarters in Fairfield in 2016 after more than 40 years.

23 thoughts on “Time for Ridgewood to Lose the , ” For Sale Signs “

  1. This is great news, because they looks so tacky, This is not the 1970s and 80s when they ride around looking for houses for sale. 99% of people go online first. That site is not selling your house. I’ve been saying everything years.

  2. Snobby people .

  3. Soon. We should call it the ‘Murphy sign ban’

  4. This is nothing more then a play by real estate agents to combat for sale by owners and reduced commission options. it also helps agents to “preserve the character” of a neighborhood by preventing “undesirables” from even seeing that certain properties are on the market.

  5. I have an idea! Make the graduation sign and the for sale sign into all one combined sign . Haha

  6. My property. My sign. Kiss off.

  7. Time for Ridgewood to Lose the GINORMOUS GARAGE

  8. To Brian do you think your sign in front of your house is going to sell your house no way dream on enjoy your sign, and I’m not gonna kiss your ass the only one is going to be kissing your ass as your realtor because they want your percentage when They sell or home yeah. Enjoy

  9. There’s close to 200 homes for sale in the great village,

  10. I’m gonna sell my house by myself no Realtor

  11. 160 on Zillow and 40 for sale by home owner . Big turn over aging.

  12. Time to get out know. Many homes on the market taxes are going up and the prices of homes are not really climbing. So it’s good for us to sell and move

  13. Fixed that fer ya…

    “160 on Zillow and 40 for sale by home owner . Big turn over aging graduation.”

  14. The signs used to be banned.

  15. The signs primarily benefit the realtors giving them free advertising.
    When a home is under contract, it’s sold after the 3 day lawyer review process.
    There is no reason for signs with “under contract” to be there until closing, other than free commercial advertising for the realtors for months.
    The fee for signs should be $1000 per week after a contract is signed, which can be verified by seeing that it’s under contract on the MLS.

  16. When. My neighbor sold, the buyer requested and received A closing 5 months later since they were in an apartment and their lease didn’t expire for 5 months. The seller was happy to comply as they were renovating the new house they bought and it would have required them to find a temporary place. It was ideal for both,parties . However the sign remained for 5 months, which served no purpose other than to drive telephone traffic to the realtor so they could get prospective buyers for other homes.

  17. About time to enforce this illegal sign ordinance.
    Do I really need to know that my neighbor has a mosquito shield or deer repellent.?
    Or that fertilizer was applied?
    I understand if its pesticides that need to dry but all the other shit is illegal advertising

  18. Sign Bullies

  19. I never seen so many signs in front of peoples homes in my life it’s ridiculous. It looks so tacky. Look up bunch of hillbillies that’s what you would say. People clean up your lawn‘s already has this grace. It’s Father’s Day weekend why don’t you kids get out and help your parents clean up your Lawn. Schools over help your parents get off your ass get all of your cell phone be sober for one weekend and clean up your house you lazy bombs.

  20. I liked it better when all signs (including campaign signs and PAINTED BY X THE PAINTER signs) were banned. It looks tacky.

  21. I love this

  22. Welcome to south waldwick.

  23. I like big signs and I can not lie…

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