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Time for the NJ Legislator to Do Their Job and Take Back Power Ceded to Executive Branch

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Trenton NJ, Senator Edward Durr said a nonsensical executive order issued by Governor Phil Murphy yesterday further demonstrates why the New Jersey Legislature must act to limit the emergency powers of the Executive Branch.

“Testing seems to be the one thing that’s somewhat effective at stopping the spread of the Omicron variant, so it doesn’t make any sense for Governor Murphy take that away as an option for health care workers,” said Durr (R-3). “Nurses know that, which is exactly why their union blasted the executive order saying it ‘eliminated an important tool in slowing the spread of the virus.’ The same people the governor called heroes not too long ago he’s now calling selfish and refuses to trust.”

Durr said the clear disconnect between health care professionals and the governor demonstrates why the Legislature should be responsible for considering important policy changes.

“I’m calling on the leadership in both houses of the Legislature to take back the power it has ceded to the Executive Brach, end the mandates, and restore the proper functioning of our state government,” added Durr. “Governor Murphy’s refusal to listen to people with hands-on experience and his insistence on ruling like a dictator will only lead to a greater loss of life. Nurses practice infection control every day, all Governor Murphy practices is politics. I know who I trust.”

Durr said major policy changes should be adopted through legislation that has been subject to a transparent and open hearing process and votes of the people’s elected legislators.

2 thoughts on “Time for the NJ Legislator to Do Their Job and Take Back Power Ceded to Executive Branch

  1. NJ Legislators are cowards.

  2. Its a toss up…
    Liberal Executive issuing destructive executive orders
    Liberal Legislators passing destructive laws

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