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Time to “Re-Imagine” The Ridgewood School District


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood teachers joined several other groups of teachers protesting the opening of schools this fall. According to North Jersey Media , “Ridgewood teachers gathered atop a Route 4 overpass to oppose a return to classrooms, saying in-person learning is not yet safe. NJ Education Association and other neighboring teachers oppose as well.
“It’s literally crisis-teaching in order to pretend that there’s some semblance of normalcy.” -Becky Catanzaro, a teacher from Ridgewood.”

So if its unsafe to open school in the fall , then  the Ridgewood School district needs to significantly pare down staff  and decrease the huge $115 million Ridgewood School budget . The Ridgewood school district like many districts needs to start thinking of a new “re-imagined” way to provide education while it transitions to a mostly remote learning based model .
The reordering of educational priorities  needs to take into account , not only new technologies but also new learning priorities  , given the serious short fall shown during recent protest events in the Village of Ridgewood .

13 thoughts on “Time to “Re-Imagine” The Ridgewood School District

  1. These kids are idiots little tools more than likely paid so they can get theirs drugs easier than stealing from their parents lol or sharing with their parents for that matter these daze

  2. Massive restructuing is more like it

  3. The taxpayers could use a break

  4. Becky just figured this out…?

    Sorry, Becky, but there is no blueprint for this kind of thing.

    I wasn’t around in 1918 so I don’t remember what we did for education.

    You’ll remember that the 1918 pandemic lasted for 35 months….so buckle up !

  5. NEA, NJEA, REA motto:
    Don’t Do It For The Kids

  6. I am grateful that truckers, grocery store, healthcare, police, fire, and other essential workers have shown more courage and professional commitment than our esteemed teachers. Had they and their unions “protested” in a similar fashion, I suspect there would be few standing buildings to house and educate our kids. For those teachers who have preexisting conditions, I believe a pass is in order. For those who are just fat and/or wish to prolong their long paid summer vacation, I believe replacement is in order.

  7. The issue is very serious and needs to be formally brought up with the BOE.

  8. I do think the last comment about “fat teachers” was a bit out of line. Firing and replacing, even getting subs, is very hard to do. This is a very serious problem. An article I read not long ago said, if you want to be realistic about this, you actually have to take into consideration how many casualties you are willing to accept to open the schools at this time. That means “body counts”, folks. How many children and teachers are you willing to let die, or have serious long lasting complications, in order to open the schools without ample and immediate testing? Do you really want your child or your mother to be in an experiment that you didn’t choose for them?

    1. than we have to make serious adjustments in staff and change the nature and focus of public education

  9. As long as we have the current administration, nothing is going to change.
    First step, appoint administration who is not trying to please Trenton politicians.

  10. Talk about overrated.

  11. private school = no teachers union
    kids are back full time in september

  12. Looks like the Ridgewood NJ school system is much different than when I went trough it 70’s and 80’s. I can’t say the teaching is better. May be more resources now but the teaching better?
    It will be interesting to get some of these protestors parents in the room the ones that are still in high school. I don’t consider a 22 year old a kid as some refer them as.

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