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Tips for Preplanning a Funeral


For some people, the topic of funerals and death can be considered taboo. While death is part of life, most people avoid planning their funeral service. It’s not something to talk about because people tend to focus on the present and not on the inevitable. Therefore, they want to delay the prospect of discussing death as much as possible.

However, preparing for anything, including funeral arrangements, should be on your to-do list. A sensible person wouldn’t want to burden their next of kin with their affairs if they suddenly pass away. So, working with seasoned industry professionals is essential to lock up the best deals early. If you wish to have reputable people working with you, you should coordinate with an experienced funeral director Leeds, and they can provide you with excellent options to suit your needs. In addition, their expertise will help you plan your funeral as smoothly as possible. 

Here are some things for your consideration.

Understand what’s involved

The body undergoes three main processes at death – corpse preparation, ceremonies, and internment details. In planning a funeral service, you can choose among traditional burial options, cremation, or other alternative burial arrangements. Check with the funeral director or the staff if they can accommodate any religious ceremony you might need. List down all possible inclusions and try to include them in the deal. You can put in place the bare bones of an agreement so you have an idea of what will transpire once you’re gone.

Plan but don’t prepay

It will be better if you could preplan the funeral arrangements, but it will be even better if you don’t prepay for the service. Funeral homes may ask you to prepay for the service, but if they go belly-up before you pass away, you might not see the service you prepaid for. It will be better to ask for a quotation and save on the cost. You can also delegate the comparison shopping to a trusted next of kin. 

It will also be advisable to find and compare average costs. Most funeral homes will provide upfront pricing for various services and reduce prices to eke out an excellent deal. Remember, though, that you don’t have to include and pay for something you don’t like in your deal. 

Put your wishes to paper

One of the things that you will have to do is to appoint someone who will take charge of your affairs when you pass away. You can leave them with your checklist and details about the financials to help them pay for the arrangements. This way, you can be assured that your wishes will be followed. Talk about your plans but try not to be too specific about the music and other details. Let them hash it out, as they will be the ones to memorialise your life. 


Many people wouldn’t talk about the spectre of their demise. However, preparing is important because you don’t want to burden your relatives and family members with many problems when you pass away.

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