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“To change a town’s master plan for this is ludicrous”


“To change a town’s master plan for this is ludicrous”

When in doubt, use logic. The Master Plan is the Planning boards reason out and to say no. The Master Plan is the logic for the Council and all involved just to say no.

The Master Plan is the reason and logical way out for all involved.

Sorry Valley, the Master Plan should not be changed and you have wasted a lot of peoples time and money for this ridiculous expansion in Ridgewood. I do not know why the better solution of expanding is no being talked more about in Paramus. Valley is not a hard luck case. You do not have to expand here to survive.

I find it amazing that we are even still entertaining this year after year.

The existing Master Plan should be enough to stop this just as it’s done in years past. Add next to a school and in a residential neighborhood…why is this still going on?


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2 thoughts on ““To change a town’s master plan for this is ludicrous”

  1. Unfortunately, the planning board has already changed the master plan back in 2010. The council then voted down the supporting ordinance to the new master plan in 2011. Valley came back with a “compromise” to amend the master plan that was voted on in 2010 (which is still our current master plan). This “compromise” still includes 1,000,000 sq ft of above ground building where 400,000 sq ft exists today. Just too much building for a 15 acre lot. It is NOT proper land use. We not only need the current planning board to say no to this “compromise” Valley is presenting, we need the planning board to amend the master plan they voted on in 2010 to something more in line with the master plan that existed prior to the 2010 vote.
    Master plans for towns are commonly reviewed and changed every 5-10 years, but the change the planning board made back in 2010 was extraordinary and out of character for what the town of Ridgewood and its predecessors had always envisioned for Ridgewood. Remember, back in 1983, the village council told Valley that they had outgrown their site and there could be no more expansion on this site. That was 30 years ago. Had Valley listened, there could be a state of the art sister campus in Westwood or Paramus and a renovated and updated campus at the Ridgewood site today! Instead, HUMC has the state of the art hospital in Westwood.

    Please go to the next planning board meeting on this issue. It will be September 30th at Benjamin Franklin Middle School at 7:30. The concerned residents of ridgewood have hired an expert in the field of community planning. So far, the planning board and the public have only heard Valley’s side- what they want & what they say they need. Come hear a different perspective on September 30th. Please mark your calendars and attend. There can be no excuses not to. This is too important for the future of our village.

  2. I am deeply concerned about Valley Hospital’s ludicrous plan to double in size in a residential neighborhood of 3 schools, single-family homes, and playing fields. The threat to the safety of our children, particularly during construction (6+ years in phase I alone) is very frightening. I have heard this argument: yes, construction is annoying and dangerous, but it is temporary. PLEASE NOTE! Our children are with us a short time, and their years in public school go by very quickly. Your child’s memory of having spent an entire school career walking by a construction site will NOT be temporary; it will be FOREVER. Valley Hospital’s enormous expansion will be your child’s memory of his/her time with you, and our village will be forever changed.

    Show your opposition to this ridiculous plan by attending the Planning Board meeting on September 30 at 7:30 in the BF auditorium. The Concerned Residents of Ridgewood will finally have the opportunity to present a different side to the Valley story.

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