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To Park or Not to Park on Sherman Place in Ridgewood


Reader …“Who is so well connected on Sherman place?” Apparently not the residents! They are not in favor of a ban, and did not ask for one. The residents of Pomander had “friends” on the old council, were granted no parking on their street and that traffic is now on Sherman. Instead of recognizing they have created an issue on Sherman, the residents of POMANDER suggested no parking on Sherman either, despite the idea that residents on Sherman actually don’t want the limits there. Unbelievable.

and another reader ….Sherman place residents have long fought with evidence and diligence. Not connection. Someone should Ask about the connection on pomander that landed them in this mess to begin with.
What a joke. That last council bites us in the ass endlessly from beyond the grave.
Sherman place is a nightmare and an accident waiting to happen- even without cars parked there.
Valley hospital used local streets for their employees and visitors ruining the neighborhood. That shouldnt be allowed either.

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