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Today is National Pork Roll Day

Taylor Ham

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Today is National Pork Roll Day, which is odd since it’s only available regionally in NJ, parts of PA, and some very lucky areas in FL and other states where stores bring it in. If you know what it is and get to enjoy it, you are so very lucky.

Invented in 1856 by John Taylor in Trenton, NJ, the packaging itself calls it what it is- pork roll, not “Taylor Ham.”

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9 thoughts on “Today is National Pork Roll Day

  1. Yes, Taylor Ham is technically pork roll, but only goobers from South Jersey call it pork roll. And speaking of rolls, Roller Blades are technically inline skates, but nobody calls them that (except maybe goobers from South Jersey, but I don’t know).

  2. You mean hill Billy’s.

  3. Only goobers eat pork roll or Taylor Ham.

  4. ^^ you must be a transplant from Connecticut

  5. No, not from CT.
    NJ born and bred.
    I still know only goobers eat Taylor Ham
    I also know the Jersey Shore show are also goobers.
    Lots of NJ gooberism going on…

  6. Taylor Ham is a southern NJ thing… you know, south of Bergen County.

  7. Ha!
    You Connecticut transplants, lol.
    If I put a Samich in front of you and it’s well done Taylor ham on a hard roll with catsup you would fold like a cheap accordion!

  8. Only goobers put ketchup on eggs…

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