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Toll Brothers Caught Red Handed Committing another Stormwater Runoff Violation !

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By Derek Michalski

Upper Saddle River NJ, Toll Brothers and it’s apologists exposed in this shocking 5 minutes interview with Jeff Tittel – NJ Sierra Club Director. Jeff Tittel was investigating stormwater pollution violations companies like Toll Brothers had been committing in the state of New Jersey for over two decades. Last Friday he caught Toll Brothers red handed committing another stormwater violation live! Will Congressman Josh Gottheimer put stop to this environmental tragedy? Time will tell. His district Catherine Best contacted me and requested additional documentation which I provided.

Stay tuned. In two weeks Governor Murphy will sign infamous Stormwater Pollution Tax bill a/k/a “Rain Tax” bill. Will Toll Brothers’ unpunished (so far 13th month long) stormwater pollution violations in Upper Saddle River be a poster child for this new bill is up to Saddle River Valley Republicans in my humble opinion. For over 13 months they allowed (by referring this matter exclusively to incompetent officials from NJDEP – listen carefully to Jeff Tittle) Toll Brothers employees and subcontractors to pollute our streets, our streams and YES, our public storm drains as well. And all of this despite Stop Work Order!!! See my previous posts, live videos and extensive photographic documentation provided in real time to Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi. See also entire page GreenUSR devoted mainly to this issue:

10 thoughts on “Toll Brothers Caught Red Handed Committing another Stormwater Runoff Violation !

  1. What is going on.

  2. More fun for Ridgewood to look forward too

  3. Nj can only raise taxes not fix any problems

  4. I live along the River in Saddle River and have been complaining to our Mayor and Administrator about this for over 1 year now. Al Kurpis the Mayor of Saddle River has no interest in protecting our wells. He has done nothing to help protect the residents of Saddle River’s who live along the river, He actually told Upper Saddle River Residents he was too busy with the Town Election in 2018 to get involved, to reach out after June and to date has done nothing to keep the residents water safe in our town. In fact in the last few years he was working on a plan to sell our Water to Suez…Crazy Idea that was, thank goodness we had a few council members who saw the potential impact of that on our town. The DEP actually permitted this project allowing them to pump the contaminated water into the Pleasant Brook which flows into The Saddle River…Someone at the DEP needs their heads examined.

  5. Update: Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel on Muphy’s DEP budget cuts. —— ““This budget continues to target our environment, as well as urban areas that suffer the most from pollution. They are grabbing about $200 million in fees, fines and other funds. $19 million is being raided from the Hazardous Discharge Fund, and $17.5 million from the Hazardous Discharge Spill Act, money that should go toward brownfields cleanup. The problem isn’t the money coming into DEP. That hasn’t changed much. What has changed is the money being diverted for other purposes, and it’s our urban areas that are suffering the most because of that. We’re taking money away from Newark and Linden and places that have been damaged and instead using it to plug a black hole in the budget. As the state budget grows, the DEP budget declines. 15 years ago the DEP budget was $516 million, yet now, even with inflation and rising salaries we are down to $318 million.”

  6. august 2019-Toll must have put the “straw blockade” over the strom drain later??????

  7. Thanks for following us here Bruce. Indeed the insiders call it “Straw & Hay Diplomacy”. Apparently is working since the media is buying it. Also our local politicians are MIA. But if any politicians is willing to help us feel free to e-mail us at I wonder why?

  8. I guess election season is fast approaching. It is only sad that our precious environment is suffering while the opponents are fighting. Hopefully my health will last to document this unprecedented farce……. ☠️ “”Assemblywoman Schepisi is voting on affordable housing legislation, dealing with developers and constituents as their elected representative while as an attorney profiting from its construction.

    “That’s NJ for you.”

    Given a copy of Minichetti’s remarks, Schepisi responded:

    “It is unfortunate that the mayor would choose to personally attack me as I work collaboratively with the borough to provide assistance.”

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