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Tom Kean Jr. Called Out to Return Donations ,by the Same Democrats who took Russian Money to Block the Keystone Pipeline

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Ridgewood NJ, we have to laugh at this one , James Singer, DCCC Spokesperson called out Tom Kean Jr. for accepting campaign donations from Matt Mowers’ leadership PAC , claiming he voted in two states in 2016 saying, “If Tom Kean Jr. cares about election integrity he should denounce double voting and return the donations he took from Matt Mowers.” . How could that be, according to the Democrats, the “media” and Facebook censors there was absolutely positively no election fraud whatsoever.

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But even more ridiculous is Kean’s opponent Rep. Tom Malinowski who took money from a Russian lobbyist firm that promoted a Russian -European pipeline , while he voted to shut down the Keystone pipeline between the USA and Canada . Yes that Russia,  the country that the Democrats, the “media” and Facebook censors are currently blaming everything from global warming, famine , supply chain disruptions to the election of Donald Trump.

So at your next fill up , remember NJ Representatives were voting to shut down the Keystone Pipeline, they were accepting  campaign contributions from a lobby firm promoting the Russian to Europe pipeline called Nord Stream 2 thereby giving away leverage to Vladimir Putin  in his invasion of the Ukraine .Democratic Representatives Tom Malinowski, Mikie Sherrill, Andy Kim and our own Josh Gottheimer along with U.S. Senator Bob Menendez  all accepted donations from a Nord Stream 2 lobbyist.


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