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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2021

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There’s been plenty of digital transformation this year, with many companies having to find new ways of performing business in the chaos that ensued. As such, we’re getting an idea of what upcoming technologies in 2021 to expect. It’ll change the way many businesses perform tasks and interact with their clients, including those that gamble on any online casino Canada real money.  With digital marketing on the rise, it will change the way many businesses perform tasks and interact with their clients.

Kevin Cochran is the subject matter expert here, sharing his invaluable views on this topic. The article delves into the trends we anticipate for 2021 and why we feel each one is vital for the continued growth of the industry. 

Stay tuned as we discuss our top 2021 predictions for technology transformation:

  1. EAT your content
  2. Voice-search optimization
  3. Remote work and mainstream 5G
  4. Smart campaigns and customer analytics
  5. Transformation of social networking
  6. Adaptable cloud infrastructure
  7. Engaging message platforms
  8. Machine learning for cybersecurity
  9. Streamlined headless technology
  10. Momentum towards ACPC

EAT Your Content

During 2019 and 2020, we saw several changes emerge that affected online businesses and where they rank on search engines. In particular, Google performed core updates and advised companies on the impact on their organic visibility

One significant aspect that became the highlight of the core updates was EAT: Expertise, Authority, and Trust. 

Online businesses are constantly changing their content to rank first on search engine results pages (SERPs). We anticipate the EAT concept becoming a pivotal point for digital transformation in the year to come. More specifically, we see it forming part of automated technologies in 2021.

Voice-search Optimization

Look at any article about the top SEO trends for 2021, and you’ll instantly find voice-search optimization on it. The world has been waiting in fevered anticipation for the day that search engines improve the results from spoken queries for several years already. With mobile SERPs already transformed for indexing and ranking, will vocal browsing be next?

One of the main issues is that there’s too much disparity with how people speak. It’s not merely a case of localization anymore, but how genders and races differ with expressing queries and statements. There are too many variables at this point, but we suspect that 2021 will be the golden year for VSO.

Remote Work and Mainstream 5G

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to work remotely, a new dilemma arose. Internet speeds at home didn’t match the superior power of work servers. There was also the issue of waiting for a connection in areas with weak signals.

Hail the arrival of 5G in Canada. With an original rollout during January 2020, Rogers 5G network is extending the coverage into 18 Ontario towns. The company has indicated that 2021 will see more Canadian cities with 5G, which means that problems with remote work and slow connections may be something of the past.

Smart Campaigns and Customer Analytics

Many small businesses have indicated that they’ve struggled with the complexity of Google Ads. Fortunately, there’s Smart Campaigns now, which simplifies the process and provides improved client analytics. The problem is that it’s been simplified to such an extent that it doesn’t deliver enough information.

The betting industry has seen some improvements among the many gambling technology trends appearing this year. One such system sees better platforms for collecting member data and tracking their wagering activities. Responsible gambling is another good example; the tools for exclusion advancing with governments putting stricter measures in place.

Transformation Of Social Networking

If the pandemic has taught us anything, people will find a way to connect with others no matter what. We’ve seen a boom of social media live streams, specifically on Instagram. Celebrities and companies have learned how valuable videos are for brand awareness.

We’re sure these platforms will evolve to include more features in 2021 that will assist businesses in reaching more viewers.

Adaptable cloud infrastructure

One of the top technological movements this year has been the integration of business software with cloud infrastructure. The SaaS applications system is one example, while the best providers have delivered top-notch tools that aid with improved functionality. Next year will undoubtedly see further advancement in this field.

Engaging Message Platforms

We’ve seen the rise and fall of many messaging apps in Canada over the last decade. In the same breath, we’ve witnessed companies claiming several of them, such as Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp and Instagram. We predict that many more social media and messaging platforms will join under few umbrellas for a more versatile selection. 

Machine Learning For Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence is becoming smarter with new machine learning technology. Of course, the increase in cybercrimes in 2020  forced this evolution. Between January and April 2020, there’s been a 600% increase in cloud server attacks.

With the trends in technology mentioned above, especially where online gambling is concerned, we suspect more stringent security protocols to arrive over the next few months.

Streamlined Headless Technology

Headless technology isn’t a term geared towards Halloween, nor does it refer to getting rid of employees favouring artificial intelligence. Instead, it looks at how the commercial industry divides its front-end presentation to customers from the back-end technology. 

The main issue is that more customers are buying online these days, and companies struggle to justify acquisition costs and rental spaces. You’ll see more businesses in 2021 streamlining their operations for a better return on investment.

Momentum Towards ACPC

ACPC refers to an ‘Always Connected PC’, which relates to 5G and remote working. We’re starting to see powerful notebooks that have 5G or LTE built into them. With this trend becoming more popular in 2021, you’ll be able to take your laptop with you anywhere and connect to the internet.

Final Words

We’ve seen much change in technology during 2020 that advance further into 2021. We recommend you keep a watch on technology for the next few months so that you don’t miss an opportunity.


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