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Top 10 Most Popular Online Slots Themes

Today we are witnessing an incredible variety of free slot games. There are a huge number of themes for casino games that are very popular and in demand. Of course, it is logical that the gambling industry is constantly evolving and strives to add variety to slots so that gamblers receive not only real money but also that the gaming process is accompanied by interest and involvement. 

A few years ago, we could not have imagined that soon we would be offered such a wide range of themes for slots. We are used to classic versions that did not have good graphics and an exciting storyline, but today everything has changed, and we have access to the most creative and amazing themed games that can literally blow our minds with their dynamic ideas. 

Of course, there are over 100 slots themes, but let’s focus on the most widespread and popular ones that are in the highest demand. So, the most top-notch topics include:


Mythological slots have become especially popular in recent years. No one knows for sure what this is connected with, but it can be assumed that myths have always aroused a keen interest in people because we always wanted to find out how much truth there is and how much fiction. In addition, games in the theme of mythology have very bright and beautiful graphics because providers strive to convey the atmosphere of something divine and sublime, therefore they add unique elements, bright images, thematic symbols and even music to the slot. 

The most popular slots in this category are slots dedicated to Ancient Greek mythology, as well as Ancient Roman. Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Geremez and other heroes of well-known myths become the central figures of the slots. By the way, Scandinavian mythology is also in demand. What else makes mythical slots so desirable?

1)Loyalty to tradition. For many mythology lovers, it’s important that the original story is unchanged. In such slots there is a classic plot and heroes. 

2)Thematic symbols. The presence of symbols in the game that are closely related to the theme of mythology is very attractive. 

3)Incredible atmosphere. Nothing soothes and relaxes like slots with a mythological theme, because they have a special effect of pacification on gamblers. 

Egyptian theme

One of the brightest representatives of this theme is 777 slots. Why is Egypt so attractive to gamblers? First of all, this is due to the fact that we are well aware of the history of this state, which still has many unsolved secrets associated with its rulers. Also, in this country ancient occult knowledge is stored, which still attracts the interest of many lovers of antiquities. 

By the way, the mystery of the curse of the tomb of the pharaohs is one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th and 21st centuries. In general, people will always associate Ancient Egypt with the beautiful Cleopatra and her secret rituals of beauty, mysterious priests and the pharaohs themselves, the secrets of whose burial still terrify people. 

In addition, the grandeur of the Egyptian pyramids makes us admire these unique structures. Slots in this theme allow us to get even a little closer to that charming and cruel era. Various themed symbols in the slots are popular artifacts that, in a classical sense, we always associate with Egypt, such as the Sphinx, Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Cypress, Tomb and much more.

Adventure theme

Adventures have always caused us special enthusiasm and a surge of positive emotions. This is the expectation of something new, unknown and exciting. Adventure slots are incredibly popular, as they allow us to plunge into the world of amazing wanderings, overcoming dangers and exploring the world even for a moment. These games remind us that everything depends on us, that we can get rid of the routine and create an interesting adventure for ourselves. 

As a rule, the graphics in such slots are incredibly colorful, bright and spectacular. Of course, bright colors such as green, red, blue, yellow are used. The background of the game is often in the form of a sea, forest or mountains, which immerses gamblers in an atmosphere of real danger and expectation of something amazing. 

Absolutely any items can be used as symbols, from weapons to tropical fruits. This category of slots will always be very popular. Fun fact: slots for adventure can significantly cheer you up. This is facilitated by a lively interest in the game process and bright graphics that draw the player into an atmosphere of enthusiasm. 


                The most popular adventure slots


Slot name Provider
Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness Play’n GO
Gonzo’s Quest NetEnt
Pirates Plenty Red Tiger Gaming
Lara Croft Temples & Tombs Triple Edge Studios
Jack and the Beanstalk NetEnt


Mystery and horror

This category of slots is a silent delight for many fans of casino games. For us, mysticism is something incomprehensible, something that is beyond our understanding and reality. In general, horror is in incredible demand since many of us love this topic and gladly immerse ourselves in a world of fear and danger. 

In addition, the graphics of such slots are incredibly spectacular because it is very difficult to create an atmosphere of horror, for this you need to use the most creative methods. Gloomy background, frightening symbols in the form of vampire fangs, witch hat or witch’s potion, magic wand, cobweb, spider or skull, this is what fascinates our imagination. Plus, horror is a great way to experience new experiences and get rid of apathy. Many people are in search of thrills, and these casino games can give them an unforgettable experience. And although it is unlikely that you can really get scared in the slot, you will still get a flood of amazing emotions.


The crime topic is also very interesting and attractive. This also includes pirates because they are famous robbers whose traditional symbols are a bottle of rum, a parrot, a ship, a letter, a bandana, an anchor, or a gold coin. Why is this topic so attractive? 

Perhaps because in real life deviant forms of behavior, such as robbery or murder, are inaccessible to us, and every person sometimes wants to feel like a rebel who goes against the system of rules and laws. The virtual world is the perfect place for this. These casino games provide an opportunity to experience a whole range of different emotions. Why is this topic so exciting? 

1) Conceptuality and a bright idea. Criminal slots are always very exciting, because they have an original idea and differ from others atypical storyline.

 2) Attention to detail graphics. The design of such slots is thought out to the smallest detail, they depict the most impressive events and characters. 

3) The atmosphere is inexpressible. Criminal slots immerse players in a world of money, absence of laws and rules, here you can feel powerful and free. 

4) Generous bonuses. In this category of slots you can always find a fairly wide range of bonuses, thanks to which they have gathered around such a large audience. 


Few people don’t like music. This art form is truly amazing and awakens a variety of emotions in the human soul, ranging from mild sadness to severe depression. But for the most part, we listen to music to raise our mood. 

Music-themed slots invite us to listen to light and positive musical tunes and at the same time get the opportunity to win real money. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of such games, so we can choose the slot, the music of which we like the most. It’s really great that the game has a nice melody and relaxes the players. The symbols are mainly traditional musical instruments and sheet music.

Movies and TV Shows

It is truly one of the most popular topics and is the leading one in the casino games industry. We are all lovers of cinema and TV shows, each person has their favorite films that we are ready to revisit throughout our lives. Slots providers are thinking about creating games in the style of the most iconic TV shows and movies. 

This idea was supposed to increase interest in slots and it really worked out. Many masterpieces of world cinema have formed the basis of popular modern slots. This makes the game process even more interesting and intriguing, thanks to which the casino gets more profit and customers, and the gamblers get unforgettable emotions. There are also many popular slots based on TV shows. 

Many people adore these TV programs and do not miss a single episode. This is very significant, because the best way to make money is on what people like the most. Today we can find a slot on almost every cult movie.

Fruit theme

Such slots are also called classic because in the traditional version, the symbols in the game are fruits. Why are they still relevant if there are so many other interesting topics? The answer is simple because not all people prefer complex and vivid graphics, some are adherents of classic versions of the game and do not like to complicate the process of making bets. Fruit is understandable, accessible and very simple, but at the same time bright enough. 

These slots have great bonus offers and winning potential, their characteristics are in no way inferior to more creative games. By the way, do not think that fruit slots have remained at the same level as they were before, on the contrary, they are actively developing. Providers have improved the graphics, added new elements and made the design more stylish and vibrant.

Asian theme

Asian traditions are reflected in many popular slots, because it is really a very exciting and deep topic that intrigues and shows us a completely different world. Few Europeans are familiar with Asian culture, which is why such casino games attract the attention of a large audience. They feature vibrant and extravagant graphics, as well as cool symbols and great bonus offers. 

These games are the intersection of tradition and modernity, this is what gives them a special charm and makes them so alluring. The symbols of the game in such words can be a sakura flower, a lotus, a cup of tea, sushi, and so on. By the way, Asian slots are very different from each other and their variety is of great interest to this category.


Nature is what people always admire and strive for. Unfortunately, residents of megalopolises cannot enjoy the beauty of nature, so the best choice for them is slots with such a theme. Typically, they have excellent graphics with very vibrant colors, with predominantly green and cyan and other vibrant colors. 

Such slots have a very harmonious design; the background often depicts a forest, more often tropical, as well as mountains, seas, rivers or meadows. These slots have very beautiful symbols, most often flowers and various animals. In such games there is no specific plot, because they are fascinated with their atmosphere.


So, we have covered the most top topics for popular slots, now we can draw a few conclusions. First of all, it is important to note that people are very involved in exactly those topics that they lack in real life. If a person lacks vivid emotions, then he/she will choose something from the category of adventure or horror in order to get his portion of the experience. Game manufacturers are aware of this psychological feature, so they focus on it, which allows them to make products more cost-effective. Distracted by the virtual world, a person forgets about his routine affairs and plunges into the atmosphere of exciting excitement and adventure, which are accompanied by winning money. It is a very enjoyable activity that can help you cope with bad moods and fatigue. This is a great way to relax and have a new experience.

In addition, hobby slots also have a beneficial effect on the human psyche. Those who are fond of history or mythology can play games dedicated to Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greek Mythology, this will allow them to apply some of their knowledge in this area and win real money. Modern people no longer want to play boring slots that were before, and this is right, because only for a demanding client will the manufacturer create unique and high-quality products.

So if you suddenly want to play some unusual slot, you can easily find one among the proposed options, because we have not listed the entire list of existing topics, believe me, there are still many fascinating topics that can charm you. Decide for yourself what appeals to you the most and, based on this information, look for the best slot for yourself.

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