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Top Five Flat Fee MLS Companies in NC

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A flat fee MLS in North Carolina is what it sounds like: a company that lists your home for a flat fee, which is a few hundred dollars. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Services, a service with which your house gets listed on your local real estate market database. The primary directory for active listings is only accessible to agents but using flat fee MLS you can get your house listed FSBO without having to hire a real estate agent. Your listing is also integrated on real estate websites like Redfin,, Trulia, and Zillow.

The value of homes in North Carolina averages out to USD 322,986. So, if you are selling your house in NC traditionally, you have to pay about 6%, that is, USD 19,380 as agent commissions. You can eliminate this cost entirely or at least by half by working with a flat fee MLS in North Carolina and save thousands of dollars.

What is FSBO or For Sale By Owner?

FSBO or for sale by owner is a way of selling a home in the US. You are allowed to sell your house by yourself without taking the help of any agent or any tool through the FSBO technique. But selling a house by yourself without any sources or tools is highly difficult. That’s where MLS comes in. You can sell your house by yourself easily taking the help of an MLS listing service.

Without getting your house listed on the MLS, it is difficult to market your home. And so listing your house on the MLS for a flat fee is the best way in which you can sell your property. Also, it is important to price your home correctly to sell your property for top dollar. You can even share your listing on social media sites like Facebook for its exposure among your friends and family.

Different ways in which you can sell your home

Not just FSBO, you can sell your home in any of the following ways:

  • Limited service broker

You can sell your home using MLS and also by having a listing agreement with a real estate broker. The broker enters your property into the MLS and can even provide any other limited services as per your contract. Here the broker is called a limited service broker or an a la carte broker that offers you only the services you need. 

In the nontraditional real estate market, you can find multiple different types of companies that function with a common objective of saving you money by reducing your overall home selling expense. Also, choosing a nontraditional real estate service does not mean that you get only limited services. There are full-service real estate companies as well that offer their services at a flat rate. 

  • For Sale By Owner MLS 

For Sale By Owner Multiple Listing Service is not much different than traditional real estate services. You have to enter into an agreement with a real estate broker when you decide to choose an FSBO MLS service.

The difference between FSBO Multiple Listing Service and traditional real estate services is that with FSBO MLS you can sell your home by yourself and without paying any commission. While working with a traditional real estate agent even when selling your own property, you are required to pay a high agent commission. Flat fee listing allows you to sell your home as an FSBO along with taking the help of an agent, giving you the best of both worlds.

When on the MLS, you are not listed as for sale by owner but as selling a property with an agent. You can still sell your home on MLS without having to pay a buyer agent commission. 

  • Flat Fee MLS company 

Did you know that Flat Fee MLS services have been there in the US for years but it is only now that they have become so popular among home sellers. You can enter into an agreement with a real estate company that instead of accepting a percentage of your home’s sale price accepts a flat fee by taking the help of an MLS company. A good flat fee MLS company like Houzeo offers services comparable to a traditional real estate agent and lists your property for sale offering you the option to choose from its services like added assistance, transaction management, etc. Different flat fee MLS companies offer different levels of brokerage services. 

If you are thinking how can I sell my house fast, you can even look for a ‘we buy house for cash’ company for selling a house as is in Florida or North Carolina.

The Top Five Flat Fee MLS Companies in NC

Below is the list of the top five flat fee MLS companies in North Carolina:

  • Houzeo

If you want to work with the best flat fee MLS company in North Carolina, go for Houzeo. It uses technology to a great extent and offers you fully-digital tools to sell your home.

The flat fee MLS company started its operations in 2017 and is headquartered in New York. Its tech-heavy approach to sell houses at a flat fee on MLS is coupled with its Intellilist listing management platform.

Houzeo offers its services at an entry price of USD 299 and its most premium package costs USD 999. Houzeo is a great online platform to sell your home if you are comfortable with tech.

  • Homecoin

Homecoin is an MLS company operational in North Carolina that comes with an easy-to-understand pricing model. The company is based out of California and offers you flat fee MLS packages with a high-tech online system. You have to pay extra for any add-ons. Homecoin has a simple pricing model that is executed pretty well.

The basic package of Homecoin is available at USD 95, which is extremely affordable but additional services can add up quickly. You can rent a signpost for USD 95, rent a lock box for USD 125 and get help with your paperwork as per the kind of help needed.

  • Carolina Realty Solutions

Carolina Realty Solutions is one of the well-known names offering flat fee MLS in North Carolina. The main advantage offered by the company is that without paying any extra listing fee, you can extend your listing for two years. The company also offers you access to Showingtime, an app used by realtors to schedule showings. You get a key lockbox and a yard sign for free even with the most basic package.

However, the company isn’t functional in counties like Alexander, Caldwell, Catawba, Burke, and Cleveland.

  • Clickit Realty

The USP of Clickit Realty is that it is the only flat-fee MLS company to offer a Comparative Market Analysis with its packages. As pricing your home right is the first step in selling your home without taking the help of an agent, CMA from Clickit Realty helps. The analysis details the selling prices of similar homes in your neighborhood which helps you price your property just right. 

Clickit Realty also has a good customer service team and listing properties with the company is also simple. But as the company is based out of Atlanta, its agents may not be much experienced in the North Carolina real estate market.

  • List With Freedom

List With Freedom is the best option for you to sell your home FSBO with a flat fee MLS if you are an experienced seller. The 17-year-old company offers many different types of packages but does not offer a full-service option. So, if you are looking for personal agent assistance, you must look for another service provider.

You can only upload a single photo with its basic plan, which is not likely to appeal to buyers. Its USD 149 plan offers an option to upload more photos but is costly compared to others on the list.

To sum it up

So, a flat fee MLS is the best option for you to sell your home FSBO. Choose a flat fee MLS in North Carolina that best suits your needs. Happy home selling!

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