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Towed Car Incident in the Village of Ridgewood Sparks a Fire Storm

Another Car Towed , Ridgewood
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ,alleged wrongly towed car incident results in acrimony between Ridgewood Police , victim and Village council and Village staff. Parking continues to be a major issue for the Village.

Here is the story direct from the victims mouth( we will with hold his name for now)  in a Facebook post :
“The Ridgewood Police Department recently towed my vehicle out of my own private parking space I pay $1675.00 a year to be able to park in at all times. The reason given for the tow was no registration and no license plate. Which the car has both, and was verified by other officers on their OWN department who gave me the release form to get my vehicle out of the tow lot when they embarrassingly discovered my car was sitting in the tow lot with a license plate on it, and registered. On top of having two summonses from them for the no license plate, and no registration, I had to pay $610.14 to get my vehicle out of the tow lot. They have refused to reimburse me for their officer either lying or just being incompetent, in order to uphold the “blue shield” and not want to admit wrongdoing. When reaching out to the town of Ridgewood, NJ and its employees several times just to discuss the matter and put this to rest quietly. Mayor Paul Vagianos (Paul Vagianos), Deputy Mayor Pamela Perron, and Ridgewood Village ManagerKeith Kazmark ignored me and wouldn’t even respond. Remember this come election time, regardless of political party, if someone in office won’t even listen to the people they are supposed to be representing and looking out for what good are they? They don’t even deem their constituents worthy of a response or acknowledgment unless it’s something they can turn into a photo op.
If you have been or know someone who has been arrested, charged, given a ticket, or had any disputes whatsoever with the Ridgewood Police Department whether in the past or currently. Please Contact me or have you or their lawyer contact me and I can provide you with information and glady give statements on your behalf showing proof where they lied and/or were incompetent in my case thus providing a lack of credibility for them in your case as well.
Public records show Ridgewood makes all towing companies pay an application fee in order to be eligible to get called by the Police Department to tow cars in Ridgewood. They have to pay a reapplication fee every year in order to still be eligible to get those calls. So it’s in the best interest of Ridgewood and its Police Department to call in enough tows to these towing companies (even when unlawful) in order for the Tow companies to be getting enough return on their investment to keep submitting a new application fee to be one of the tow companies in Ridgewood.”   

15 thoughts on “Towed Car Incident in the Village of Ridgewood Sparks a Fire Storm

  1. Listen to me, I strongly suggest if you feel that you’re right, don’t yell don’t scream higher the right, Attorney and let them handle it.

    1. Call the newstations….Pee Wee can’t afford any more bad publicity.

  2. Wow, that is awful that you had to go through all of that. So unfortunate. They need to reminburse you for the full amount. Period.

  3. It’s irresponsible to print this claim (posted publicly elsewhere) and withhold the name of the writer.

    1. I commend the blog owner for not publishing the name.
      If the person on FB wanted to get the story out, he/she should comment here.
      I notice when someone gets arrested in town for drunk driving, the name is never published either by the newpapers

    2. Does not matter one bit who it happened to. It could be any of us. It is the principle and the village needs to accept responsibility when someone is wronged. They need to make reparations. Keith is so busy running around and photo ops, this should have been addressed and wrapped up within a day.

  4. I had a problem a few years ago when the idiots put a Yield sign 30 yards from where it now properly sits (they had it right in front of my driveway). I contacted Mayor Knudson and it was dealt with within 24 hours.

  5. I would suggest contacting an attorney and suing all parties involved. Good luck and sorry for your troubles.

  6. What a terrible experience. Glad I never use garadegzilla or even CBD for that matter. But really it is hard to find a safe space in this town. A few days ago a car parked at Stop N Shop was destroyed by a food truck while the owner was shopping inside. Pick the right spots people, consider all scenarios. It will get worse. These are city like problems or as “progressives” like to call it, “growing pains”.

  7. I deliver food / packages/prescriptions/ drive and pick up passengers all over northern and central NJ for years , I am always finding the right places to park and use loading zones as often as I can and where they are available , I used my hazards and never leave my car blocking anyone , I am very courteous of others and all law enforcement. Well the only town in Al of New Jersey that I have been ticketed in EVER is Ridgewood , 3 times at least I believe, even when standing right next to my vehicle , I’ve gotten harrassed even using the loading zone (which I have the right to use for up to 15 minutes to load and unload any passengers or items for business purposes. Again , this is the only town I’ve ever received tickets in all my years of independent contracting. I’m also handicapped and in the Village of Ridgewood there I think maybe 1 handicapped parking spot on the street in the entire village area . The restaurant owners constantly complain to me about losing many customers because they simply cannot park ever for 2 minutes to pick up their food because they’ll get a ticket that fast . Me , and many of the other ride share / delivery drivers all avoid this town as much as we can because of this. They are like stalkers who will write tickets with no warning to let you move (you can be double parked on a side road late when there’s plenty of room to get by and hardly any traffic and you can be inside your vehicle marked UBER waiting for a passenger just for a few minutes and they will ticket you with no chance to circle the block at all. It is completely ridiculous.

    1. do you have commercial license plates

  8. Mayor Knudsen and Mayor Hache always replied to emails, and in a timely manner. Always!
    What a motley crew this bunch is!

  9. Yes, they will probably told to write a lot of tickets to generate money, because they are so in the hall from the parking garage. so many of my friends and family don’t even want to come to Ridgewood shop and deal with the parking issue. They had enough of it that’s why they go to all the towns with parking is free they go to Wyckoff in a bowl to run big shopping area free

  10. This is going to get interesting. From the information I heard, but at this point, don’t know what’s true or what, so let’s just hold on

  11. Keith is getting very defensive and he has only be in the job since the summer. He might be cracking under the pressure of working for such a diabolical bunch. I don’t think he is a bad guy by any means, but he probably didn’t realize that making the big bucks he is being paid, would come with the amount of things he has to deal with related to Paul and his merry band of nit wits.

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