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Tropical Storm Isaias Takes its Toll on Ridgewood and the Surrounding Areas

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photos courtesy of Boyd Loving

Ridgewood NJ,  according to Boyd Loving a family on Heights Road escaped injury when a Village owned tree fell onto their home while they were inside. One of the owners reported that the home’s roof was pierced by tree branches.
An unoccupied home on Avondale Road appeared to have sustained minor damage when a Village owned tree fell into it.Two (2) passenger vehicles parked on McKinley Place were damaged when a privately owned tree fell on top of them.

While many resident in Ridgewood and the rest of Bergen County lost power due to tropical storm Isaias  , Public Service Gas and Electric (PSEG)  website were down for much of the evening , but we are sure they are out in force working to get everyone’s power back  on . Thankfully no injuries have been reported as of the writing of this post . We also noticed some very neighborly Ridgewood residents who were willing to share some of their power for people looking for a quick phone recharge.
Blog friend Derek Michalski ( photo by Derek ) had a near miss at his home in Upper Saddle River .
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Jim Arakelian from River Edge gave a short  synopsis in a Facebook post around 2:48 pm  ,”Hi folks. Just a few pointers as you come out of this storm. First power, if you have it you’re lucky, most of Bergen does not. If a limb or tree is down by your house and wires are involved, stay away. The most dangerous wire is the one that looks like it’s not. 16,000 volts will sting. Power will probably be out for days. I’ve gotten one report on August 6th. Refrain from opening your refrigerator as much as possible. If you have a generator, keep it as far as possible from doors and windows. Fumes are very dangerous. There’s a Speedway gas (formerly Hess) station on 17 so in Paramus that I’m pretty sure has a generator still. Only use approved gas cans when transporting. Please check on your neighbors, especially the elderly. Remember if your favorite deli or diner is open, their cc card machines probably are not working, bring cash. Lastly, stay safe everyone. PS: River Edge Diner has power and food.”
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11 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Isaias Takes its Toll on Ridgewood and the Surrounding Areas

  1. We are truly blessed no one got hurt. Next time there is a hurricane in Florida or our beloved St. Thomas let’s say a prayer for all those folks have to endure every single year. Truly amazing.

    Boating anybody in U.S.V.I? Here is interesting article:

  2. Lots of road closures in town….NJ Transit bus got lost and came down my street…

  3. Will the Village pay for the cost of the repairs since they owned the tree? Also, will the Village pay me for all of the ancillary damages that we’re going to face as the result of not having power from August 4 until August 9? We pay taxes… maintain the damn trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bruce – you nailed it…I thought the same thing when I looked at the picture.

  5. As I see it, Ridgewood has three choices:

    1) maintain the trees such that they don’t fall down
    2) cut the trees down prophylactically
    3) if “no” to #1 above, then PAY the residents when a downed tree knocks out power/internet/etc.

  6. Bruce if you don’t like trees then move back to NYC.

  7. Unfortunately, trees in Bergen County have shallow root systems because the soil is so rocky. The photos capture this well.

  8. How about having PSEG bury the wires underground so that this has a lower chance of happening again?

  9. As a family we lived for a decade in Europe. Never had a power outage. Doesn’t exist. Power lines underground. Done. Infrastructure in this country is in shambles.

  10. Burying wires has its own issues in terms of maintenance and it is expensive. The ratepayers would have to fund it.

  11. I don’t even live in Ridgewood, but I come to this site for the sassy comment section.

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