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Trump Supporters Converge on Washington DC.

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC, President Trump’s supporters converged on the nation capitol and celebrated from morning to evening on Saturday , waving their MAGA flags and blaring ‘God Bless the USA’ as they gathered in Washington to praise the man they adore. The crowd exploded in enthusiasm after a personal visit from the President, who passed by in his motorcade, smiling and waving.

On stark display in the nation’s capital on Saturday were two irreconcilable versions of Americas future, each refusing to accept what the other .While much of the day unfolded peacefully, there were brief but intense clashes. At least 10 people were arrested, including four on gun charges. As darkness fell,  counter protesters triggered mayhem as they harassed the Presidents supporters, stealing red hats and flags and lighting them ablaze.
Scuffles broke out well into the night as the provocateurs, clad in black, overturned the tables of vendors who had been selling pro-Trump gear and set off dozens of fireworks, prompting police to pepper-spray them. Police worked to keep the feuding sides separate. When an antifa group arrived at the edge of Freedom Plaza and began to chant, they were almost immediately surrounded by Trump fans shouting “USA! USA!” into their faces. Shortly after, the group began singing the national anthem.
Several Members of Congress and prominent conservatives addressed the crowd at Freedom Plaza and derided the fake news media, socialism and the Biden/Sanders agenda.


6 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Converge on Washington DC.

  1. MSM not covering this at all…..well coordinated ballot “injection” by Dems in 6 key states.

    The truth will come out and it will backfire on these lowlifes.

  2. When did Sanders become Biden’s veep?

  3. the election was 100% stolen from Trump, and there is a small but totally plausible chance that he prevents Biden from attaining 270 Electoral College votes, after which the lower and upper houses will vote on the president and vice president, respectively.

  4. That must be a fake picture. MSM said a couple of hundred people. I always trust what they say because they have no agenda. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Funny how the left thinks sunshine is the best disinfectant but they covered the windows while they were counting the votes in Philthydelphia, they stopped reporting on the riots, oops I mean peaceful protests, and nobody is interested in the integrity of our voting system.

    I guess if the Dem comes out on top the election was fair.
    If the Republican comes out on top it was the Russians.

    Oh it would have been priceless if a couple thousand votes were different in a couple of states.
    Get out the plywood. Bar the doors.

  5. The fat lady sang.

  6. Yes, elections were stolen, yes the remaining 2 seats in GA will be stolen as well, yes there were tens of thousands of people in DC yesterday , yes many Trump supporters were violently attacked and hit by leftist scum after the gathering but I keep scratching my head how the police doesn’t do sh!t to defend innocent people. And furthermore how is it that patriots who are so keen on pointing to their weapons and how they’re ready to punish the violence from the left are still to fire a single shot at these dangerous scumbags. Republicans are chicken including politicians and their supporters. Violence needs to be punished so the patriots of the right better put up or shut up. The strongest patriot so far has been a 17 yr old from Wisconsin. This has shown leftists that they can play anyway they like with chickens of the right and this explains how they always get their way.

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