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Trustee Sheila Brogan Spent 25K of Ridgewood Tax Payer Dollars so Far Fighting Her Ethics Violations

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ethics Violation for which School Ethics Commission Censured Sheila Brogan has cost the district $25,000 so far.

This is according to OPRA filings . See the attached response from an OPRA below.
This does not include all expenses. This is partial response of OPRA.We are still awaiting some more documents.
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The New Jersey School Ethics Commission (NJSEC) is an independent state agency in New Jersey that oversees and enforces ethical standards for school board members and school administrators. Its primary purpose is to ensure that individuals involved in the governance and administration of schools adhere to ethical standards and conduct themselves in an ethical manner.

The NJ School Ethics Commission provides guidance on ethical issues, offers training programs, and investigates complaints related to the conduct of school board members and administrators. The commission aims to promote public confidence in the integrity of the educational system by upholding high standards of ethics and professionalism.

Key responsibilities of the NJ School Ethics Commission include:

  1. Advisory Opinions: The commission issues advisory opinions on ethical matters to help school officials understand and navigate ethical challenges.
  2. Ethics Training: The NJSEC conducts training programs and workshops to educate school board members and administrators about ethical standards and best practices.
  3. Complaint Investigations: The commission investigates complaints filed against school board members or administrators, alleging violations of the School Ethics Act.
  4. Enforcement: If a violation is found, the commission has the authority to impose penalties or recommend corrective actions.

The School Ethics Act, which established the NJ School Ethics Commission, outlines the ethical standards and principles that school officials are expected to follow. The commission plays a crucial role in upholding these standards and ensuring accountability within the education system.

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21 thoughts on “Trustee Sheila Brogan Spent 25K of Ridgewood Tax Payer Dollars so Far Fighting Her Ethics Violations

  1. No wonder our taxes keep going up!

  2. When will she go away ?

    1. Does she have a lifetime appointment? It’s time to cut her loose!!

      1. Yes; all the idiot’s that voted for her!

  3. Looks like we only have Laurie Webber to thank lol. Who cares. She’s the least harmless person on the board… how many times duly reelected by the voters?

    1. Duly elected only once in 2021. Before 2021, whenever she ran, the elections were not even properly advertised and she ran unopposed.

      Lets see what voters do in 2024. Ridgewood voters have demonstrated that landslide victory in one election does not guarantee another one.

      What has Sheila Brogan done during her term on the board, except attending events as a trustee and giving away tax payer money to NJEA and the union?

    2. Village voters voted to give up their right to vote on the school budget ,that says it all

    3. Dont blame the Laurie. Sheila violated the Code of Ethics. Had Sheila owned it, there would have been no lawsuit. But instead, Sheila stamped her feet, remained defiant (and still does) costing us, the taxpayers $$$ .

      And you can thank Laurie for unveiling the ITDC debacle; Taxpayer dollars diverted to cover an unprofitable semi- private daycare.

  4. She should pay for this nonsense herself instead of using tax payer funds. This is just nonsense and serious entitlement. If she truly did not believe she did anything wrong then stand behind that with your own money, so obviously she didn’t think it was iron clad and therefore used tax funds.

  5. Sheila Brogan has done everything in her powers to reduce the educational standards and to increase capital expenses!

    1. Time to get rid of her

      1. Uh oh, we’re gonna hear from Rich N Stupid today…

  6. During her long time on the board, rankings have gone down, she was ok with orchard field contamination, ok to put artificial turf in a flood area, ok with anything as long as she gets to stay on. Time for her to go. Voters wake up!

    1. Okay with selling off BFMS field to Valley Hospital, okay with full build our of Valley up to the BOE property line. .🐔

    2. You hit the nail right on the head. She thinks she’s got a lifetime appointment. And like others said – why didn’t she defend herself with her own money… esp. since her husband is an attorney.

  7. We’ll keep voting her in,
    because we are

  8. Laurie Weber is a train wreck…was the juice worth the squeeze? Doesn’t sound like it. Weber is a nut job.

    1. Laurie Weber is one of the few informed persons in this Village. I’d like to thank her for her diligence over MANY decades. She has served honorably and taken a lot of flack/crap from it.

      1. Weber is an unhinged lunatic…

        1. YOU sound like an unhinged lunatic.

        2. Yes; she may be crazy. However; she does have a point between her antics.

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