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Turf Fields : You seem to have a short memory

>Turf Fields : You seem to have a short memory

You seem to have a short memory. Prior to the renovations at Maple, Stevens, BF and RHS, Ridgewood’s fields were, quite literally, the butt of jokes around various leagues in northern NJ. Our fields were an embarrassment. Ridgewood’s fields were, in fact, “AWFUL”. Go back and look at pictures of Maple and Stevens. Maple and BF were simply dangerous. Brookside remains one of the worst fields in Bergen County. Go down and look at the dirt lots at Vets and tell us how wonderful those fields are.

Athletics and nice facilities are not just “icing on the cake.” If you look at the 25 top high schools in the country, you will find that virtually all of them have strong academics, strong athletics and above average facilities. Not one of them has weak athletics or poor facilities. Do you think that is a coincidence? Academics and athletics go hand in hand when it comes to exceptional educational institutions. That doesn’t mean that every student is an exceptional scholar or an exceptional athlete. But, a diverse and well rounded culture is critical to a vibrant and high-achieving educational environment. You may want to have some facts before making sweeping incorrect statements

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