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Turkey Trot Thanksgiving day run Postponed till Sunday

Ridgewood Run

Race Postponed until Sunday:

Ridgewood NJ Unfortunately, we will have to change tomorrow’s race to an organized 4 mile group run, and move the actual competitive event to Sunday.
We were informed just today that the Ridgewood Police Department are unable to staff this event. Obviously, this information came at the last minute, and is far beyond our control.
The good news is that, we will still meet and run 4 miles. We will still have all the amenities of the event, and we will still have a great Thanksgiving Morning. The bad news is that those of you running on a competitive level, will have to hold off until Sunday.
We do apologize for any disappointment caused, but we do look forward to a fun event tomorrow and then again on Sunday.
Details for Tomorrow:
Meet at Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Start time: 9am.
Distance 4 mile – Fun group run.
Kids Fun: We will still have a kids fun run on the track at 10am.Details for Sunday:
Full competitive Race, with Chip Timing
Start: Benjamin Franklin Middle school
Time: 9am
Distance: 4 mile Race.
Please bring your Race Number.*All entries will be deferred to Sunday’s race. Unf

31 thoughts on “Turkey Trot Thanksgiving day run Postponed till Sunday

  1. Yea, duh?
    That’s because their homes with the family as opposed to running around some where ….get it now?

  2. hummmmmmm, is it because of the pay rate .

  3. Just observed what looked like a Fun Run going down Northern Parkway and up Overbrook Road. No police protection anywhere in sight. No barricades set up. Not a smart thing to do, running with children in strollers along an unprotected street. Bad move.

  4. HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, 9:46 leave it to you to throw something against the wall to see if it sticks. Its a holiday time for everyone yes even cops to want to stay home with their family. Maybe some of them wanted to work but were told by their wives to stay home. I know it hard for someone like you to believe.

  5. 10:04: My comment was directed at runners for being stupid and running despite the absence of police protection, not for the cops who did not want to work.

  6. And my comment was directed to 9:46 who right away bring up pay rate.( that would be the comment above yours) I agree with both your comments.

  7. Quick, let’s put up a few hundred more signs advertising the new run for Sunday.

  8. Well with Paul V the head of the Chamber and the person sponsoring the run is a member its ok. Paul V runs the town and has the Mayor in his back pocket

  9. Public Safety has no holiday.

  10. RPD used to cover the RHS football games every other year…so there’s precedent for working on TG morning….just sayin’.

  11. “Public Safety has no holiday.” Your right the are working today on patrol as required to. But for someone to hold a money making event with upwards 1000 runners and their family how would you expect them to do it on Thanksgiving. And for 12:55 yes 4 or 5 officer for a football game is one thing but to safely cover those intersection takes a lot more. Just saying.

  12. why this kind of even on Thanksgiving ?

  13. What people should be concerned about is who is picking up the tab for this? The school gym,. custodians cops EMS and all their equipment and clean up. I bet our Mayor would have been there for a photo op.

  14. I hear that next year we are going to have a fun yoga class on Easter at the new parking garage. Rain or shine.

  15. 12:55pm how soon they forget. I hope they don’t pull the same stunt for the x-mas tree lighting, or the 4th of July!

  16. 12:55pm” how soon they forget.” What did they forget ? Its a stunt ,what stunt? You have a good time trey to stir up the stuff? Moron.

  17. @3:46pm please explain your use of, “Your?”

  18. pronoun
    (a form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective):
    Your jacket is in that closet. I like your idea.
    Compare yours.
    one’s (used to indicate that one belonging to oneself or to any person):
    The consulate is your best source of information. As you go down the hill, the library is on your left.
    (used informally to indicate all members of a group, occupation, etc., or things of a particular type):
    Take your factory worker, for instance. Your power brakes don’t need that much servicing.

  19. 6:57 – Really? Are you so proud of yourself?

  20. The declining number of cops and the towns refusal to hire proactively is becoming a problem. The town knew of these impending retirements for 2 years and refused to hire until it was too late. You have to wonder what’s going on at village hall.

  21. A local cop pulled me over last month and said “Papers….” So I said “Scissors, I win!” and drove off.

  22. Why staff the Rpd with extra officers just to cover the occasional event?
    Do what we do in the 4th of July: bring in officers from surrounding towns, and let the race organizers pay the tab.

  23. What an embarrassment.

  24. That has been tried but there are declining numbers in surrounding towns that want to give up their holidays to staff a recreational event, especially a duplicate event on a major holiday.

  25. “What an embarrassment” really 8:45 ! this is nothing compared to the 3 Amigos.

  26. There’s a story here….and I hope someone gets to the bottom of it.

    My perception is that RPD does not look good here.

    Won’t be hard to find out what happened.

  27. Well for a lot of poster on this blog the members of the RPD have been maligned may times so one more accusation will not make a difference . Well since it won’t be hard to find out go for it 12:45.

  28. @1245 crickets

  29. 5:03 (RPD Apologist) – The USR run on Thursday had 2600 runners. The most ever.

    Seven USR cops finished the 5K course in under 26 minutes.


  30. Their signs are still all over the place, looking like so much litter.

  31. Police never should have agreed to man the event to begin with if there were going to be issues. RPD should be ashamed.

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