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>Turn your outrage into action!

>Turn your outrage into action!

If you were OUTRAGED at the Planning Board meeting last night and are wondering what you can do please consider the following.

Donate to the fighting fund
The next phase of this battle needs to go beyond fliers and public meeting attendance. The Concerned Residents of Ridgewood are building a more substantial fighting fund and would like your support. We are looking for donations of $50, $100, $200 or more to Concerned Residents of Ridgewood, P.O. Box 150 Ridgewood, NJ 07450. You will receive a receipt from the CRR Treasurer. Your decision to donate could be time critical.

CRR sends out a regular Newsletter to its members. To stay informed please register with CRR at Registration is free and your name will NOT be given to any 3rd parties without your express permission. If you are already a member of CRR and are not receiving newsletters, please re-register as your email might be out of date.

Paul Gould on behalf of Concerned Residents of Ridgewood

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