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Two New High Density Housing Projects Slated for Early 2022 Openings in Ridgewood

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Ridgewood NJ, two multi-housing rental projects will be opening early next year. The NoMa to open in February ,billed as “a visionary collection of one and two bedroom rental residences coming soon to North Maple Avenue in downtown Ridgewood. The unique charm of Ridgewood Village shows its colors with an eclectic collection of shops, restaurants, and activities that create a cherished sense of community just moments from the train – and miles from ordinary.”

And the Ridgewood Commons, a 16-unit affordable rental supportive housing complex for special needs residents, will open in January next door over the PNC Bank building at 257 E. Ridgewood Ave., the former Sealfons clothing store.

The projects were jointly planned by Onyx Equities, which also opened The Benjamin at 1 Franklin Ave. next to the train station in May and the United Way which is supervising the special needs housing at the Ridgewood Commons.

The massive influx of high density development has already resulted in the Village of Ridgewood hiring more firefighters and a major investment in Ridgewood Water . The two projects were among those approved under controversial Ordinance 3066 adopted in 2007 which has since been repealed.

12 thoughts on “Two New High Density Housing Projects Slated for Early 2022 Openings in Ridgewood

  1. Dormitories

  2. Local consumer storage areas

  3. The Slumming-down of Ridgewood…

  4. That’s going to be a lot of garbage and recycling .

  5. Glad I left when I did. I saw this all unfolding and didn’t like it.

  6. Once these folks see how nice it is to shop in Westwood they will completely avoid the CBD. Like I do.

  7. The people of Ridgewood may as well live in Queens, NY for what is happening to their “village”. But as long as the builders and politicians are happy, that’s all that matters.

  8. Now that we have a new Democrat tool, Paulie II has to pay tribute to the bosses in Hackensack. When he said he was all in, he meant in bed with the party machine.

  9. What in till they start building on 17

  10. Neighboring Paramus will soon look like Fort Lee. The city (NY) is here already.

  11. Saraceno making big bucks….

  12. R.I.P., beloved Sealfons!

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