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UKG customers can reduce employee no-shows with CloudApper Shift Confirm

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Timeliness and reliability are crucial in today’s fast-paced society. This is especially true for companies that have their staff work in shifts, since the loss of even a single worker may have a domino impact on the rest of the day’s operations. CloudApper Shift Confirm helps UKG clients decrease the risk of employee no-shows, which saves money and improves productivity.

What exactly is CloudApper Shift Confirm?

The CloudApper Shift Confirm app is a handy tool for verifying shifts on the go. Businesses may use this app to confirm that their workers will be present for their planned shifts. As a result, absenteeism may be decreased and worker responsibility may be raised.

Companies can easily keep tabs on attendance and shift confirmations with the help of CloudApper Shift Confirm, which is completely connected with UKG solutions. Shift Confirm’s intuitive design and real-time monitoring features make it simple to keep tabs on and manage staff attendance, even across various offices.

How does it function, exactly?

With CloudApper Shift Confirm, you can notify workers of their upcoming shifts through email or smartphone push notifications. An automated message is sent to all staff members inquiring as to whether or not they will be present for their scheduled shift.

The message may be responded to with a simple “Yes” or “No” from the employee, and the response will be recorded in the UKG system. Managers can keep tabs on employee attendance in real time and see any problems right away.

Positive Effects of Using CloudApper Shift Are Confirmed

There are several advantages to using CloudApper Shift Confirm for UKG clients.

  • CloudApper Shift Confirm helps organizations improve attendance by reducing the number of no-shows and guaranteeing that all shifts are filled. In the long run, this may boost efficiency and production.


  • In real time, organizations can monitor employee attendance with CloudApper Shift Confirm and spot any problems right away. As a result, management can swiftly replace absent workers and keep all shifts staffed.


  • Businesses may improve accountability and make sure their workers know when they are scheduled to work by having them confirm their shifts. This has the potential to increase production and decrease the amount of no-shows.


  • Simple to use, the user interface of CloudApper Shift Confirm makes it effortless for staff members to confirm shifts and submit vacation requests.


Companies lose money and time when employees don’t show up for work, but CloudApper Shift Confirm helps UKG clients decrease the chance of employee no-shows and boost productivity. Businesses may enhance accountability and attendance by giving workers an easy method to confirm their schedules and request time off. Businesses of all sizes may benefit with CloudApper Shift Confirm since it is simple to use and is compatible with all UKG systems.


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