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UN Agenda 21 : take away your property rights

UN Agenda 21 : take away your property rights 

For those of you that do not know about UN Agenda 21, it is in a nutshell:

An “earth first” mantra that subverts rational thought and the needs of our Society to dupe citizens of developed nations into massive wealth transfer (especially property and property rights) to their governments (local, state and national) and from their governments to undeveloped nations,
supposedly to rid the world of poverty thereby achieving a global, “Sustainable” utopia.

Sustainable is the buzz word that encapsulates decision criteria based on satisfying one or more of
the three E’s:

– Environment
– Equity (as in Social Equity)
– Economy

As wacky as this sounds, this is no joke – it is a cult mentality that has the potential to suddenly and forever fundamentally transform America into an unrecognizable form.

The draft plan clearly cedes control to the state, whether that is intended or not, and whether or not the county government wishes to implement the state plan or not. “Intent” has nothing to do with it despite what county planners claim. State law will prevail. Fortunately, various groups have already had much success with Somerset, Monmouth and Ocean counties; their rationale is getting attention statewide. This sets a precedent for success in your county, too. Politicians like to know there are others also addressing this issue – they they are not alone in the fight. A good communication channel is open with the county planners in all three of these counties, not only regarding the draft state development plan, but also their respective county plans.

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