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‘Uncle Tom,’ the Must See Movie

REVIEW Uncle Tom 2

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Ridgewood Nj, In a collection of intimate interviews with some of America’s most provocative black conservative thinkers, Uncle Tom takes a unique look at being black in America. Featuring media personalities, ministers, civil rights activists, veterans, and a self-employed plumber, the film explores their personal journeys of navigating the world as one of America’s most misunderstood political and cultural groups: The American Black Conservative. In this eye-opening film from Director Justin Malone and Executive Producer Larry Elder, Uncle Tom examines self-empowerment, individualism and rejecting the victim narrative. Uncle Tom shows us a different perspective of American History from this often ignored and ridiculed group. Written by Ryder Ansell.

The film simply asks: “Why is there no respectful disagreement in the black community? Why are great black thinkers like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Shelby Steele ignored or marginalized by the black and mainstream media?” Despite impressive, decades-long bodies of work — columns, books and speeches — Sowell, Williams and Steele are completely unknown to many Blacks, and not just young Blacks.


Uncle Tom – Official Trailer

See the full movie here :

4 thoughts on “‘Uncle Tom,’ the Must See Movie

  1. Uncle Tom, oh yes, I know a few of those. There’s a few working for the village !

  2. That’s funny because We see that movie every day at work. So very true.. It’s sickening.. Some people have no Feelings about themselves. We don’t know how they look in the mirror. We think they don’t even have a mirror in their house.

  3. S o

  4. They know who they are. Hypocrites, and liberals

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