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>Unusual Activity On The Ridgewood Blog

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just wanted to let readers know that there will continue to be unusual activity on the The Ridgewood Blog for the next several weeks do to seasonal indulgences

9 thoughts on “>Unusual Activity On The Ridgewood Blog

  1. >Enjoy PJ!

  2. >Hey! That’s my wife you’re with pal!

  3. >Your daughter got engaged? Congratulations!


  4. >JP – hang loose…enjoy.

  5. >PJ
    Have a good time and enjoy the—
    drink, weather, beach and babe.

    PS I hope you approve of this post!!!

  6. >4:09

    You’re in the wrong blog.

    See ahead 2-3 to respond for cheating wives.

  7. >… ahem…. it should read “due to” not “do to”. P-R-O-O-F-R-E-A-D!

  8. >Come on 3:25 PM do you think our friendly bloggers don’t know grammar? They’re just trying to disguise who they are by writing in all lower caps or misspelling left and right.

  9. >I think I had that teacher at Willard 35 years ago.

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