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Update : Graydon Pool – ADA Sloped Entry Ramp

Update : Graydon Pool – ADA Sloped Entry Ramp – Update – 9/13/13

NJ Historic Preservation Office Opinion Letter

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DEP Flood Hazard Letter

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9/13/13 Update Below –

For two years the Village Council, Community, and Village Staff have discussed options to increase accessibility into Graydon Pool.

A ramp allowing direct access into the pool has been designed and was approved by the Council. Based on recent discussions with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), that plan was revised accordingly. We are now waiting for DEP approval.

9/13/13 The revised design for the sloped entry to Graydon Pool has subtle changes which include –

• Horizontally, things did not change except for the lengthening of the initial approach ramp from the existing patio to provide a better vertical envelope to create the necessary slopes.

• Vertically, the changes are also minor, but primarily involved lowering the designed ramp to satisfy the NJDEP criteria that there is no impediment to flood flows in the flood hazard area. The first landing once in the pool is now at 78.04 and under the water, whereas before it had been set at 78.40 and above the water surface elevation. Water surface elevation of the pool is at 78.29. The ramp is cut more into the grade around the pool, again to satisfy NJDEP.

• The ramp lowering was accomplished without the need for railings on either side of the accessible path to the pool.

• There will be decorative stonework placed on the areas of the ramp that are above the pool’s water surface elevation matching the existing stonework around the pool.

Click Here for current site plan documents.

3 thoughts on “Update : Graydon Pool – ADA Sloped Entry Ramp

  1. Nothing will ever be built and/or approved in our life time.

  2. Ramp is a total disaster.

  3. If it’s built, people will do a double take and suddenly realize what the fuss was about, too late.

    It will ruin everything and never be used.

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