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Update: Illegal dumping at compost center?

DPW illegal dumping

photo by Boyd Loving

July 30,2015
Boyd A. Loving

Ridgewood NJ, A police investigation of reported illegal dumping at the Village’s Compost Facility on Lakeview Drive is continuing according to several sources of The Ridgewood Blog.  It is reported that a detective from the Ridgewood Police Department conducted additional interviews with Village employees during the past week.


The investigation is focused on determining when and how an as yet undetermined number of concrete blocks were dumped at the facility, and if any Village employee(s) had knowledge of the dumping prior to their recent discovery.  Additional illegally dumped material is said to have been unearthed within the past several days.

Although previous reports received by The Ridgewood Blog indicated that a NJDEP inspector had uncovered the dumped material, no notice of such action currently appears on the NJDEP Enforcement & Compliance Division’s web page.

6 thoughts on “Update: Illegal dumping at compost center?

  1. You can’t get in there to dump anything unless you go to the front gate which is locked during off hours. So how was this done?

  2. Dumped from a passing freight train maybe?

  3. Yea ok 8:17.

  4. It was dumped by drones. That why no one saw it. DON”T LOOK UP

  5. Having a peaceful Friday Roberta?

  6. When did this happen. Maybe they came blame it on Gabbert or bush

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