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Upgrade Your Yard for Wildlife!


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife has created an interesting website to upgrade Your yard for wildlife! With all the extra time at home lately, lots of people are trading travel plans for house projects, starting gardens, and finding ways to make our yards a little more cozy, colorful, and self-sufficient.  The right kind of landscaping can also make a better home for beneficial insects (and other wildlife, too), for whom backyard habitats are important “stepping-stones” that keep their populations healthy and connected.

Jersey-Friendly Yards has great tips to help you create that better yard!  Mow less and flower more…get inspired with the Interactive Yard tool:

The Interactive Yard – Learn how to transform yours into a Jersey-Friendly Yard!

Catch the summer webinar series, “Wild About Jersey-Friendly Yards,” to get bonus pointers for your backyard habitat.  And check the Jersey-Friendly plant database to pick the best native plantings for your specific part of the Garden State.

See our Connecting Habitat Across New Jersey Guidance Document (Chapter 4, page 9) for even more resources like these.  You don’t need a lot of land to be part of the CHANJ!

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