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US Army Corps of Engineers Will Discuss Flooding Solutions for the Village of Ridgewood Tonight

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Ridgewood NJ, representatives from the US Army Corps of Engineers will be in Ridgewood on Monday, June 17th at 7:30 pm for a community meeting in the Court Room at Village Hall. They will discuss how the federal government can help with short- and long-term flooding solutions. A public comment portion of the meeting will follow the presentation. Residents who are impacted by flooding are encouraged to attend the meeting virtually or in person.

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9 thoughts on “US Army Corps of Engineers Will Discuss Flooding Solutions for the Village of Ridgewood Tonight

  1. I’m sure that’s gonna be a circus tonight. Is the army engineer going to offer any kind of services with manpower?

  2. The village doesn’t have the manpower to do it exactly when needs to be done

  3. Because ours that we pay can’t do it???

  4. Expect many scripted questions and answers.

  5. They’re going to tell you the same thing I’ve been telling you for years, professionally, clean all the brooks out, especially where the sand bars are. They Need to dig out where all the ditchers are. Clean all storm drains out. Sweep more often. Put out the vacuum truck every day like Paramus does who is doing the inspection at all these locations have they been properly trained have the county come and clean all the drains on their roads already

  6. They won’t be saying “build more athletic fields in the flood prone area”.

  7. I am watching the meeting now. Well run and professional.

    With that said, big fixes are years away and the price tag will be in the hundreds of millions.

    I take comfort that at least America’s best engineers are finally on the case.

    1. What did Paul ever do? He talked on and on about flooding and the need to address it. Did he ever takeone action to move it in the right direction? The answer is NO. All he ever did was put up a parking garage to support his business interests and spent many hours engaged in trying to figure out how to get a ball field on a historic property and ignored the contaminated soil. Let’s vote him out as he is essentially an ineffective leader. We need strong leadership that will fix the issues that plague Ridgewood

      1. Sorry but what the hell did Susan Knudsen ever do to help the flooding? Getting Gottheimer to rally the Army Corps of Engineers is huge. There will be no more hiding what the real problems are. It is a shame that it will take so long. Moreover, the cost will be in the hundreds of millions and the fact that the federal government will pay the overwhelming part of it is the only way it will get done. Do I like Paulie’s suspenders? No. Do I like his restaurant? Not so much. But give him and Kazmark some credit…the grown-ups are on the case.

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