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USPS Operation Santa Letter Adoption

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Washington DC, you can answer letters to Santa Claus,   if you are interested in sending children and families some holiday magic this season? You can now adopt a letter written to Santa by going to In response to customer requests, this is the first time the U.S. Postal Service has opened the program before Black Friday.

USPS Operation Santa turns 111 years old this year. The program relies solely on random acts of kindness and the generosity of strangers. It allows people to help children and families have a magical holiday when they otherwise might not — safely and securely. USPS Operation Santa is not a guaranteed gift-giving program.


Since Sept. 18, the Postal Service has received letters from across the country and has been delivering them to Santa’s U.S. workshop at 123 Elf Road, North Pole 88888. Letters sent with First-Class Mail postage and complete, accurate and legible return addresses have been opened, reviewed and posted on People can begin reading and adopting letters today.

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  1. No self awareness at all…

  2. Can Santa make people disappear from the Village Council. If so, it would be my Christmas wish to have the Mayor, Village attorney, the 3 unwise women and man, Siobahn, Pam and Evan, disappear as soon as possible and get replace by people who really care about this village and what it takes to make it thrive and survive.

  3. You’re in a dreamworld

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