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Valley Consumer Health Information Service


Valley Consumer Health Information Service

You have just heard that a family member has been diagnosed with a rare nerve disease. Where do you turn for information and help?

A friend has been diagnosed with diabetes. You are concerned that you too may be at risk. Where would you turn to learn about the signs and symptoms of this or any other disease?

A relative is suffering from a chronic illness and you have heard that complementary therapies may assist to relieve stress. Where would you go to research the pros and cons?

The answer to these and many other questions relating to obtaining health information is the Valley Hospital’s Consumer Health Information Service as provided by the highly trained staff of the hospital’s Medical Library.Claudia Allocco

The Valley Hospital’s Consumer Health Information Service is available to all members of the communities the hospital serves. A person may take advantage of the service by simply phoning in a request or stopping by the main desk of the library located on the first floor of the hospital’s Phillips Building. Requests can also be e-mailed. Once a request is received and clarified, the library’s trained staff completes a comprehensive literature search, selects and photocopies all pertinent materials, and sends the packet of information to the person who has made the request. The service is both confidential and free of charge.

“We believe that by providing the public with up-to-date and comprehensive information about illnesses and associated treatment options, we assist them to be better informed about their health-care” said Claudia Allocco, M.L.S., Director of Library Services. “It is well known that when a person knows more about a subject, they can feel more confident about their decision. In addition, many of our users tell us that the service allows them to relieve anxiety and stress at a time when they may be very vulnerable.”

The Valley Hospital’s Consumer Health Information Service can be reached by calling 201-447-8285 or by faxing 201-447-8602. You may also visit the library in the Phillips Building on the hospital campus each weekday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can also e-mail the hospital librarian at

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