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Valley does pay over $325K in property taxes to the Village of Ridgewood every year for other properties it owns that are not directly related to proving health care services

Valley does pay over $325K in property taxes to the Village of Ridgewood every year for other properties it owns that are not directly related to proving health care services.

Valley does not pay property taxes on the hospital property, due to its non-profit status.  However, it does pay over $325K in property taxes to the Village of Ridgewood every year for other properties it owns that are not directly related to proving health care services.

In order to maintain its non-profit status there are specific requirements for providing charitable health care services (free or discounted services).  I am not affiliated with Valley in any way and I do not know the wording of these IRS requirements.  Nor do I know the exact amount of charitable services provided by Valley to the communities it serves.  However, I recall being told once that the value of these services was in the tens of $millions.  Nonetheless, I am absolutely certain that this information is publicly available.  If you would like a breakdown, I suggest that you contact Valley and request whatever details you would like to see.

The following is a general description of the charitable services provided by Valley from their website.  “Valley serves the community by providing thousands of hours of healthcare education and screenings, support groups and classes to assist those in need, and care to all those who come through our doors, regardless of their ability to pay.”

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10 thoughts on “Valley does pay over $325K in property taxes to the Village of Ridgewood every year for other properties it owns that are not directly related to proving health care services

  1. This argument is so disingenous. Valley brought up 4 homes by the hospital to reduce the opponants to expansion. They are rentals and pay taxes as if they were owner occupied. The Village makes what it would make on any residential property.

    505 Goffle is a commercial office building housing some Valley services. The rest of the building is rented by Valley as office space to lawyers, health care professionals, etc. They pay taxes for the seven rental suites in the building. Look at the tax records. Seven different bills for seven office suites of varying sizes. The remainder of the building is tax exempt. That’s why it’s billed as seven separate properties.

    Don’t know about the other two office buildings they own but I am guessing they pay taxes because they rent suites to doctors.

    1. You people are too fanatical. This isn’t an “argument”. They are just some facts that you keep ignoring. Valley pays taxes on 8-9 Ridgewood properties. Look it up and give the “spin” a rest.

      1. The only spin is when people claim Valley Hospital pays property taxes. THEY DO NOT. YES, THEY PAY PROPERTY TAXES ON THEIR RENTAL PROPERTIES JUST LIKE EVERYONE OTHER LANDLORD. Is that so hard to understand. They have a 15 acre property and many other selected properties (read: suites) they they do NOT pay taxes on.

        It appears that you are the one sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the facts. I was not presenting an arugment, just facts. But I guess you cannot handle the truth. It hurts, doesn’t it?

      2. Look it up . . . they pay taxes on 7 properties including the four private homes they purchased in a effort to buy out the opposition and acquire room to expand the intersection at Linwood and Van Dien. Hardly altruistic.

        And, quite honestly, do you think $365K is a fair number for fou residential properties and three office buildings? Take a look at Valley’s assessments vs. Hartz Mountain or similar buildings. Really, take a look.

  2. Valley has one of the lowest charity care rates of all NJ hospitals, that has been the case for a long time.

    Some numbers at this link:

    The numbers show how much charity care reimbursement each NJ hospital received.
    Compare Valley there to others, even smaller hospitals such as Holy Name (361 beds) and Chilton(260 beds). You can also look at other years online and will find Valley provides among the least charity care of any NJ hospital.

    You can also view numbers there for charity care at HUMC, also for Bergen Regional Med Center in Paramus and others.

    Another article here:

    1. #5 your right. There is another post on a thread about valley refusing to donate to a child who had cancer and needed a new prosthtic leg, mind you this child went to school at bf and lives in the village. Parents and friends and the cops put together a fund raiser for her to help defray medical costs valley flatley refused to donate. I have checked the validity of this post to the best of my ability and it so far is absoluetly accurate. Why then does the towns people have to put up with valleys inconvience and expense as a non-profit organization yet get no benifit in the long run. I’m sure valley must do some charitable works or give free treatment to the indigent somewhere to maintain their non profit status but how much of that is in the village of rwd?

  3. How much do they pay on the 15 acre residential campus? Oh yea, ZERO. Next thing you know Valley’s desperate supporters will argue that that number will double when the hospital doubles in size.

  4. Allow Valley’s proposed plans and individually we’ll all be a lot closer to $325K a year in property taxes….

    What would/should Valley be paying on this 15 acre property, including land and structures? Now double the size of this structure, now what should there new taxes be?

    The construction time and new size will be horrible enough. The longer term burden on services, is what some are not taking into account here. This once done can not be reversed.

    Is this town going to bring up Pascack Valley as one of the best new reasons why Valley needs to rethink their current plans? We all know of the other reasons. This is really a nice newer reason why Ridgewood can better support NO?

  5. The taxes would be nice, but if the quality of life goes down who really cares ? Ridgewood’s reputation as a “better than average” place to live will go south. If you don’t care about that,( no matter where you live), you had better.

    Tell me, what would look better, for ANY Ridgewood resident, as a front page headline in The Record: “Valley Wins Approval to Expand,”or, “Valley Does Not Win Approval”… If you can’t figure that out, then you have bigger issues !

  6. #8 you have an exellent point, but I wonder if this expansion is going to get rammened down our throats by the politicians , wouldn’t we be better off with valley paying taxes like there supposed to probably in exess of 600,000 per year.

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