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Valley Health Systems Reports ZERO COVID-19 Patients

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Ridgewoood NJ, Four months after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and according to Valley Hospital in a Facebook post ,”we are thrilled to be able to announce that we currently have zero COVID-19 patients in our hospital! We are also proud to have a care environment that is safe, and well equipped to treat all patients! Our healthcare teams are taking every precaution necessary to ensure everyone’s safety, including isolating patients with #COVID19 symptoms and providing staff and patients with appropriate protective equipment.”

4 thoughts on “Valley Health Systems Reports ZERO COVID-19 Patients

  1. Flatten the curve !

  2. The only reason everything has resumed to normal is because we are a few months from a general election. The Dems have been been given the gist from God with Covid, when before that, it was looking like a cakewalk for the GOP. So much so that no serious Dem contenders wanted to get into the race, and sleepy Joe was put forward for the inevitable loss. Covid has enabled them to give up 24/7 news on Trump and his Covid “failures”, keep Joe bunkered down and away from difficult questions for health reasons, wreck the economy with trillions in free handouts, and just in case that isn’t enough, do what they have always done well but on steroids, a national elections using the mail.

  3. Time to start wearing Goggles and Face Shields…..

  4. Let’s see what happens in the fall.

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