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Valley Hospital settlement Exposed


March 26,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, Resident Dana H. Glazer a video on the the Valley ‘Settlement.’  For more information about the Valley Hospital settlement, please email: . Please attend the following Public Hearings:

11 thoughts on “Valley Hospital settlement Exposed

  1. Holy Crap.
    Now Gwenn will have to rethink her decision to not run for the council election. She had assumed that her job was over.

  2. It is over. The hearings are a formality. Do you want to pay legal expenses to appeal at a higher court.

    Even if you do; won’t work.

  3. This should be “required” viewing for all current residents, as well as anyone thinking of moving to Ridgewood. Scary stuff.

  4. And I thought I was depressed about the HDH!

    Unlike the way residents in opposition to major village changes are typically characterized by Roberta et. al, these men clearly have no ax to grind, nothing to gain and everything to lose. A shame how much of our own time and money needs to be spent to protect our Village. Well done Dana.

  5. Thank you for posting this video! I have forwarded it to The Board Of Ed. and the Council. I do not have Gail Prices’s email at The Planning Board. Wondering if there is a way to show it at the hearings? I don’t see how anyone can think that the supposed Valley compromise can be anything but devastating to our village and to the safety of our residents using that area daily. Most pedestrians are children! Dana has done a remarkable job once again. Why do I feel that our governing bodies do not represent our best interests? It takes large numbers active citizens who never give up to protect us from our own officials and it is exhausting!

  6. Thank you! That is truly an eye opener.

  7. Let them make it bigger and collect more tax money from them.

  8. Instead of the garage and the housing development proposals, THIS is the defining moment for the village. Focus on this.

  9. Paul- Completely agree. More than ANY other development, this could very well be the beginning of Ridgewood going from a first class town to a second or third class one. Quite easily, really.

  10. Paul Smith – is that your real name?

  11. Absolutely. Anonymous- is that your real name?

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