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Vehicle Mishap Puts SUV on Front Lawn of Village of Ridgewood Home

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photos courtesy of Boyd Long’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, no injuries were reported following a late Tuesday afternoon, 07/18, single vehicle crash at the intersection of East Ridgewood Avenue and Pershing Avenue, Ridgewood. The driver of a Mazda SUV veered off of the roadway, mounted a curb, rolled over a pedestrian crossing sign, and drove over a sidewalk before the vehicle came to rest on the front lawn of a nearby single family home. Despite evidence that the vehicle sustained significant crash related damage to its undercarriage, it was driven away on its own power. Ridgewood Police investigated the mishap.

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4 thoughts on “Vehicle Mishap Puts SUV on Front Lawn of Village of Ridgewood Home

  1. Terrible place to park. Should’ve used the garage uptown…

  2. Boyd was busy yesterday…!

  3. looking for parking?

  4. Ridgewood Ave from Paramus Road to Pleasant is like the Autobahn in both directions. Without being there, I can probably guess how this accident happened . . . . car was speeding from Paramus into Ridgewood and swerved to miss a car who had stopped to turn onto Somerville Road. Or the driver was going to fast when they attempted to get around the car turning onto Somerville Road. I see this near miss a few times a day, nearly every day, when I am out and about in the neighborhood.

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