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Vehicles on East Ridgewood Avenue East of Maple Avenue Continue to Make Illegal Left Turns over Double Lines to Get into Jersey Mike’s

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  pedestrian safety activist Frank Geraghty for pointing out that on a daily basis vehicles on East Ridgewood avenue east of Maple avenue make illegal left turns over double lines to get into Jersey Mike’s restaurant parking lot on the north side of avenue. Jersey Mike’s has erected an illegal DO NOT BLOCK sign warning motorists not to block their parking lot entrance which then allows east bound cars to illegally cross double lines while blocking traffic behind them as they enter their parking lot. Saturday is the most dangerous day here.

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Another major mistake by Jersey Mike’s was forgetting to paint or erect a STOP SIGN (see photo) at the blind spot exit near the sidewalk which leads to North Maple Avenue. Pedestrians frequently confront drivers who fail to stop at this sidewalk.
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Frank Geraghty also commented on the misleading Police Headquarters sign , “Thanks to Ridgewood Blog for printing my story sometime ago about the horrible embarrassing & misleading Police Headquarters sign which has just been REMOVED. This sign on north side of West Ridgewood avenue pointing behind apartments at Jersey Mike’s which appeared to motorists to be a short cut to Ridgewood Police Dept. Motorists who followed this misleading sign drive behind  apartments and go on a wild goose chase finishing up near Irving street before eventually going back to where they started. Photo shows this horrible mistake which surprisingly remained for some time before the sign was eventually removed just recently.”

19 thoughts on “Vehicles on East Ridgewood Avenue East of Maple Avenue Continue to Make Illegal Left Turns over Double Lines to Get into Jersey Mike’s

  1. There are so many bigger fish to fry…

  2. There’s nothing illegal about making a left turn over a double yellow line.

    1. Agreed

  3. For drivers that location sucks, it might be good for walking traffic only that back parking lot wasn’t designed for businesses like that. The villages become a little city.

  4. Nothing in NJ Traffic code prohibits a left turn over double yellow lines; they prohibits passing.

  5. It is super annoying when you are in the lanes on the right side of the road waiting to make a turn at the light and people are clogging up the driveway area so you can’t get down maple. That plus so many people literally do not know how to drive, there’s that. But it is more important for them to get a sandwich than be concerned with traffic.

  6. Franks annoying.

  7. Maybe Frank can volunteer at the library or something..?

  8. It might be a terrible location for a left turn but doing so over double yellow lines is not illegal.

  9. Frank may need to retake his written permit exam

  10. making a left turn over double lines is illegal when it is unsafe to do so just like dangerous Jersey Mike’s situation.

    1. Driving is dangerous., That is why they have laws and rules to minimize that danger. Taking a left over the double yellow line is not against the law nor inherently dangerous. It is just annoying for that driver and those behind him/her held up in the intersection b/c someone is blocking driveway and breaking the law.

    2. I think you’re right….that’s what I learned in Driver’s Ed back in 1978.

      Unless Peewee changed the rules with Matt and Santa.

  11. There is a white line on the road showing where cars are to stop waiting for the turn onto Maple clearly meaning do not block driveway in. Meaning, folks can go left into the parking lot! There is even a sign that says do not driveway!

  12. Man we are running out of things to complain about

  13. a lot you you A-holes should learn how to drive

  14. common curtesy out the window the rules are for everybody else

  15. if you idiots learned how to drive , there would be no need for these posts

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