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Village Council Nomination petitions that were REPORTEDLY certified by the Village Clerk


march 9,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Village Council Nomination petitions were REPORTEDLY certified by the Village  Clerk

Richard S. Brooks, East Ridgewood Avenue (spouse of Planning Board Attorney Gail Price)
Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh, Red Birch Court (former Village Council member)
Ramon Hache, Ackerman Avenue
Gwenn H. Hauck, Fairmount Road (current Village Council member)
Melanie Hooban-McWilliams, Bogert Avenue
Jeffrey D. Voigt, Glenwood Road
Evan Weitz, Oak Street (current member of Village’s Financial Advisory Committee)
Janice M. Willet, Prospect Street (current member of Village’s Financial Advisory Committee)

It is reported that one (1) or more of the above individuals is likely to ask that their name(s) not be placed on the ballot following the scheduled Wednesday, 3/09 lottery for ballot placement.

41 thoughts on “Village Council Nomination petitions that were REPORTEDLY certified by the Village Clerk

  1. If you like the direction of town, Hauck, Willet, Weitz and Brooks will continue in that direction.

  2. I’m guessing that the vocal minority approved candidates will not show their true colors so they can sneak in.

  3. what happened to puccerelli? I’m shocked

  4. He didn’t want to go out as a LOOSER. So he played safe. Wait till he give his speech at the reorg.

  5. 7:21 am – Hauck, Willet, Weitz and Brooks it is. Thanks.

  6. I was hoping Keith would run again.

    Pooch was going to get repudiated so he backed out…good thinking.

  7. Yes 8:30 it figures you say that. Just one question. Can you count ? Three Council seats are up and you say “Hauck, Willet, Weitz and Brooks it is” You must be a member of The Ridgewood Financial Advisory Board.

  8. Heard there were some developments today at the ballot box selection!!! Can anyone confirm who’s officially on the ballot??

  9. On
    the ballot-

  10. So Gwenn running hung in the balance of her opposing side having the same number of people.
    Looks like a smart move that Melanie stepped aside. Well played!
    Bye bye Gwenn!

  11. Yeah, Bernie is running. I’m so happy. Who are the other people I don’t know any?

  12. I don’t understand. I thought Gwenn was running. Hauck.

  13. So tell me how Mr. Brooks can be on the Council while his wife is an attorney for the Planning Board. Our tolerance for blatant conflict of interest has apparently gotten even higher.

  14. Voigt probably represents the views of the majority of the posters on this blog as well as what I suspect is the overwhelming majority of the Village. He’s the fellow who has been outspoken about and against the costs, crowding and character threats posed by the current council’s rush to approve massive overbuilding in our downtown.

    Let’s hear more about what he has to say.

    As for the developer sponsored candidates, I suspect the developers told the two current council members that they would not get any support because their campaigns were doomed to failure. Instead, it looks like they are backing sleeper candidates who will take mealy mouthed campaign positions and then pull an Aronsohn on us.

  15. So we are finally done with the council majority. Thank heavens.

  16. Richard Brooks married to Gail Price…attorney for Planning Board…can you say CONFLICT OF INTEREST?

  17. Good to see Bernadette running. Would also like to see Lorraine Reynolds in there.

  18. 10:14 not if Gwenn can help it! She reportedly said “let the 3 that are aligned with me move forward.” Looks like she will set up another majority if she can.
    Super Bernie needs to get in there. Let cooler heads prevail. Go Bernie!

  19. What a mess.

  20. Go Bernie. FEEL THE BERN!

  21. “Instead, it looks like they are backing sleeper candidates who will take mealy mouthed campaign positions and then pull an Aronsohn on us.”

    The above captures remarkably well this commenter’s rough first impression of Ms. Willet’s candidacy. We’ll see if she is capable of changing that impression. Doubts abound, of course!

  22. If you align yourself with Gwenn, Paul or Albert, YOU WILL LOSE. The residents of Ridgewood want independent thinkers who don’t cater to developer friends, business owners or politicians.

  23. Price knows she is going to be fired when the majority in the Village elects a new council and common sense starts to prevail. Doesn’t matter if her husband wins or loses, I suspect the new majority is going to have enough of her inane, half-baked legal opinions and she will be done.

    The only thing good about her is that she made enough mistakes that anyone wanting to challenge the multifamily zoning plan she pushed through will have plenty of ammunition for a lawsuit. But, its got to be filed quickly after this vote by the Aronsohn crowd to sell off our downtown. that vote is scheduled for tonight or next week.

  24. Where’s Capt. Video and Mrs. Stalker??

  25. Where’s Abdoo..?

  26. @11:48, vote on multi-family is in two weeks, 3/23

  27. If you thought the three amigos were uncivil, check out Rich Brooks postings on FB “It Takes a Ridgewood Village'” Rude, rude, rude. And he is clearly in favor of excessive development. Disagree with him and watch out. I think I’d rather have Don Delzio than Rich Brooks.

  28. Weiz is also very rude. Both Brooks and Weiz will be like Albert.

  29. Someone please answer…how is this not a conflict??

  30. “The peaceful transfer of power”

  31. Is Rich the representative of the sports teams?

  32. oh, this is going to get good.

  33. Conflict of interest? They are besties with Paul Vaggianos and his wife. Friends before they moved to Ridgewood.

  34. This is something. talk about cleaning the village hall up, The manager, the lapdog spano, miss pr , the water boy, see ya.

  35. Except for the fact that he’s a socialist. I want to buy a Bernie Sanders t shirt around town to support Bernie. I’m so glad she’s running again. Welcome back Bernie we’ve missed you.

  36. Defeat Brooks and fire Price. Both.

  37. Bernie and Bernie have the same agenda. Deny business owners and property owners their right to build a business or develop property. How can the former home of Marge Roukema have some many citizens who despise the free market? Shocking and sad.

    1. what in the world are you talking about????

  38. the top dog’s are running.


  40. 8:41 they can develop their properties now but no that isn’t good enough or rather it doesn’t make them enough money. So instead they seek to change our master plan and alter the village forever.

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