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Village Council Questioned on Train Station Parking Bonding

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Ridgewood NJ, at Wednesday nights council meeting resident Saurabh Dani pointed out and questioned why the Village engineer quoted the Ridgewood Train Station parking lot renovations  at a cost of $200,000 to 220,000 , yet the Village is bonding for $330,000 ?

Dani questioned if the Village was expecting a significant amount of cost over runs for the project or was this an attempt to generate , what he called “house money” , where the left over funds from a capitol project would be incorporated into general funds for the Village and spent ?

10 thoughts on “Village Council Questioned on Train Station Parking Bonding

  1. Yes, and it said they are making spaces for ” compact cars” Who are the kidding!! Ridgewood moms only have big boat Yukon, Suburbans,Danali’s. We are duped again. Another awful move by Ridgewood council. Who will sit on a bench in the center island??

  2. its a complete asshat move …with our money ………….Ripped OFF

  3. BOND !!!!!!
    1 9 million for the parking garage ( without cost overruns )
    2 3 hundred thousand for train station parking ( for compact cars only) ( 500 ft from the parking garage )
    3 Unknown amount to be bonded for the renovation of the Ridgewood Library ( to include a performing arts center )
    4 Unknown amount to be bonded to rehabilitate the Schedler property

    Did I miss anything?

  4. Elks lodge. Turf fields after floods. New police contract giveaways.

  5. Management raise (2%). Fireman contact giveaways . Upgrades to Village Hall

  6. Saurabh Dani is one of the smartest men in town. We are so fortunate to have him working on our behalf, uncovering all these ridiculous shenanigans. Thank you Mr. Dani. You are right up there with Mr. Loving.

  7. This train station parking lot renovation is a huge mistake – As someone who parks there most days the lot is already dangerous with so many cars driving crazy around the lot, swerving around cars that are trying to back out of a spot, etc. I don’t see the implementation of this proposal as realistic or safe

  8. Why worry about adding spaces when a new garage will be constructed directly across the train tracks?

  9. above commenter completely correct

    This train station parking lot renovation is a huge mistake ECT…

    But why listed to the actual citizens who are up there every day ..why would they know
    better based on the non commuters rather than listen to actual rail users and families picking them up every night .Pedestirans have skin in this spend fest with no regard to
    safety ,weather conditions ..Winter Darkness risks ,,snow removal and placement of those. snow and ice piles…water build up on many sides of the lot during heavy rains

  10. Deafness and lack of simple reasoning permits those who know better to show those loosers who park there every day and also commuters and families picking them up in the dark winters that they will show us who is in charge ..cost 300 k plus .injuries and lawsuits as well

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