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“Village Hall Mail” drop box taken out of service and removed


photo and Post by Boyd Loving

Ridgewood NJ, another victim of the recent mail drop box robberies in the Village , the “Village Hall Mail” drop box was taken out of service and removed. The iconic yellow drop box, formerly located at the rear entrance of Village Hall, was used by many to deposit checks for property tax payments, parking & traffic summonses, etc.

No official notice yet as to why, but most likely due to the increasing number of checks being stolen from US Postal Service drop boxes. The US Postal Service drop box located in the front of Village Hall was also taken out of service and removed.

14 thoughts on ““Village Hall Mail” drop box taken out of service and removed

  1. That’s how RPD solves the problem..?

    Holy smokes.

    Why not set a trap…?
    Put up 2 cameras on a box in the CBS and then watch it happen. Then make the arrest(s).

  2. are you people kidding me isn’t their surveillance or around Village hall.
    My god.

  3. Wow, just Wow. We just surrendered to some petty thieves. To laugh or to cry? Our police are telling us that they can’t watch a mailbox right under their nose. There is a reason why thieves are almost never caught in RW. I like our guys but they seem impotent. At this point cameras at many areas are a must. Just imagine how crazy RW can become with the garage and high density housing in place. Maybe they need better leadership.

  4. Better safe than sorry. Regardless of the presence of surveillance cameras, someone could have swiped checks from that box without being seen until after if was all over. Removing the box was the right thing to do. It could be replaced with a secure box inside of the building’s lobby. A short walk from the parking lot. It’s doable.

  5. Too bad we did not take up mr Bolger on his generous offer a few years ago to provide the cameras in the cbd.

  6. My main issue with cameras is that in order to stop a crime from occurring, stop it in progress, or catch a thief as he/she is escaping, you’ve got to have someone watching the cameras. We don’t currently have that sort of manpower in place in Ridgewood.

  7. This town is a joke. No wonder they stole over a $1 million in quarters right under there fat nose .this town is a joke.

  8. Just remember people wherever their is a surveillance Camera ,there must be a sign that says you’re under surveillance. That’s the law,
    From what I see the village of Riggers putting cameras all over the place with no signage that’s against the law.

  9. Not for nothing but that mailbox in front of Village Hall Looks very filthy.

  10. Typical Knee-jerk overreaction which punishes the innocent and rewards the guilty.

  11. Well they should provide some way for people to submit payment without having to go inside. maybe a mail slot?

  12. This town is a mess,

  13. I once tried to get a look at the security video by that entrance to Village Hall, back when Paul Aronsohn accosted a citizen. I was told by the chief of police that the quality of the video at that time was basically useless in terms of identifying anyone. Hoping it has improved since then.

  14. the days when we have a metal box in a fairly isolated area after business hours where only check are deposited is over.Drug addicts @Felons have found 50 ways to fish those checks out with Duct tape etc and go to town on the townsfolk.It would have been a great bear trap to catch a few of them but not worth the risk to Taxpapers and the town.

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