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Village Manager confirms report of illegal dumping

DPW illegal dumping

August 6,2015
Boyd A. Loving

Ridgewood NJ , Ridgewood Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld has officially confirmed that illegally dumped materials were recently discovered at the Village’s Lakeview Drive compost site during a routine inspection conducted by a NJDEP employee.  Sonenfeld’s confirmation came in the form of a statement read during the Village Council’s August 5 public Work Session.

According to Ms. Sonenfeld, the illegally dumped material consisted of asphalt and concrete block and was located at the site’s south end, dumped over a protective berm.  It is believed the materials were dumped during the months of June or July, this according to Sonenfeld.  Heavy equipment and an operator(s) from the Bergen County Mosquito Control Commission are now being deployed to assist in removing the debris.

The Village Manager concluded her remarks by emphatically stating that an “active investigation” is still underway regarding the incident.  No date was mentioned regarding the availability of a final investigative report via the OPRA.

Many taxpayers are anxiously awaiting the outcome of this “active investigation” so we can learn exactly how the dumping was accomplished, who was responsible, who will be held accountable (if anyone) and what monetary liability, if any, taxpayers will be on the hook for.

26 thoughts on “Village Manager confirms report of illegal dumping

  1. Excerpted from Ms. Sonenfeld’s verbal statement regarding the illegal dumping: ” . . . unfortunately, as what has happened with the recent burglaries, news of this investigation was leaked and was reported, and you know it has hampered our efforts in getting to this issue.”

    Question for anyone at Village Hall: Exactly how did The Ridgewood Blog’s exclusive report of this illegal dumping “hamper” Ms. Sonenfeld’s “efforts in getting to this issue?”

    Can you say “Cover Up Now In Progress” 3 times quickly?

  2. Send all inquires on this matter to the Nepotism Coordinator….

  3. They are protecting someone in management. She is trying to control the narrative and using the blame game.

  4. And all of the above know this how?

  5. Thank God for the Blog!

  6. Hey 12:37 this isn’t the crime of the century. Should have been solved by now. Why hasn’t it?

  7. 5:55 Ask the Manager

  8. Evidence collected at the dump site indicates at least some of the material originated from a Ridgewood location.

  9. Transparency? NOT!!! Cover up? Indeed!

  10. Why is someone so hell bent on exposing very single transgression? Is your intention to purposely get Village taxpayers fined because all you care about is embarrassing current Village employees? What is the agenda of these people who are anonymously reporting on Village activities to state agencies in the hopes of getting us all fined? Seems like something only a moronic idiot would do. There’s a rat leaking news of these investigations, I hope the VM can expose the rat.

    1. quickest way to solve the problem DON’T DO IT ! GET IT????????????????????

  11. “Why is someone so hell bent on exposing very single transgression” Because its against the law to illegally dump on village property 11:29 The taxpayers you speak of will have to pay for the clean up while l someone profited from the dumping . The cover up is worse then the crime. No one out to embarrass Village employees they are doing it to themselves.

  12. Who said there was s cover up ?

  13. No one anonymously reported anything to the NJDEP. They discovered the illegal dumping while conducting a routine inspection at the site. The agenda of “these people” who are making the incident public is to ensure that those who profited from the dumping pay the penalty.

  14. Again I ask, how is the publication of information regarding this incident hampering the Village Manager and police department in finding out who did it? Seems like nothing but bullshit to me, just like the burglar on a west coast vacation.

  15. 11:29 – You hope the VM can expose the rat??? What? The problem is not that the story was leaked by an employee. The problem is not that the story was reported on The Blog (yes, we have a right to know what is going on in our village). The problem is that someone saved a ton of money by dumping their construction waste at our site, and someone probably from within enabled that to happen, and now it is costing all of us. The people who did the dumping and the people who facilitated the dumping are the rats that need to be exposed. 11:29, you sound suspiciously like you are Roberta posting. Take some advice, Roberta. You need to stop being so sure of yourself and so defensive and on the attack whenever anyone questions something. The problem with this dumping is not your fault, but the way you are MANAGING it is all wrong, which is funny, since you are the village MANAGER.

  16. news of this investigation was leaked… by whom? There’s a rat, and the quickest way to take care of a rat is to poison them.

    1. why not try this , stop stealing , lying and freeloading and there wont be anything to report ? see problem solved

  17. So from what I am reading, some of you would blame the messenger for spreading the news, instead of blaming the one/s who committed the crime, enabled the crime, and covered up the crime. That makes no sense. Whoever it was that let the news media know, they are to be thanked. Otherwise yet another crime would be swept under the rug.

  18. A padlocked gate on the only road leading into the facility and no police report of a broken lock, nor a damaged gate. No police report of trucks being seen at an unusual hour/unusual day of the week by any resident on Lakeview Drive. Seems like a simple one to solve from my viewpoint. Threaten the person who knows what happened with loss of his job if he doesn’t point a finger quickly.

  19. The truth will come out. Roberta will be unable to lock down everything on this one. Too many other agencies are involved. Neither NJDEP nor the Bergen County Mosquito Control Commission will hide any facts if requested via OPRA. And I’m sure that the RPD detective bureau would not want egg on their faces either.

  20. where is the RPD on this, they get paid better than anyone in the Village and they’re asleep on this?

  21. 10:51, you seem to imply that Roberta has something to do with this. State you facts or stop your nonsense.

  22. Why would Village taxpayers be on the hook for anything here? Fine the contractor who illegally dumped the asphalt and concrete block at the site’s south end over a protective berm. Problem solved, Village exonerated. Where are the VM and the RPD on this, they get paid the big bucks to protect Villagers

  23. James, which taxpayers are anxiously awaiting the outcome of this “active investigation” and why do they believe there could be monetary liability for taxpayers? That’s a very loaded statement, what does it mean?

  24. 9:19 – Yes, Roberta, you have everything to do with this. First of all, you are the MANAGER. And you are not managing. Second, you want to blame The BLOG for slowing down the investigation. Right, divert attention a la Halliby, – blame the blog when in fact you should have gotten right on top of this illegal dumping. Someone knows all about what happened, that someone should be identified and the matter should be settled. Instead you are tap dancing around instead of taking care of it. This should have been resolved one-two-three, instead you decided to try and keep it under wraps. Here’s an idea, why not send Bulldog Matthews out to interview employees? Pretty sure she will get the facts quickly. After all, she is a LEADS graduate, even though of course you never ever met her prior to hiring her.

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