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Village Manager Says Flooding Problem is Bigger than Village of Ridgewood

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(early 1900 flooding of RHS Stadium field)

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village Manager Keith Kazmark said in Wednesday nights council meeting , “Our community experienced significant flooding this week for the for the third time in just over a three-month period. The Village has prioritized these concerns and has engaged the US Army Corps. of Engineers and the NJ DEP as we seek Federal and State support for flood mitigation. We must protect residential properties and both Village and Board of Education assets. I addressed this topic at the Village Council meeting last night.”

While poor Village planning, building in flood zones, clogged storm drains ,blocked waterways  and the turf field run off was not addressed the Village Manager said the problem was bigger than the Village of Ridgewood and needed the assistance of the US Army Corps. of Engineers and the NJ DEP as we seek Federal and State support for flood mitigation.

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( courtesy of Ridgewood Schools)


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29 thoughts on “Village Manager Says Flooding Problem is Bigger than Village of Ridgewood

  1. Yes, flooding is waaaaaaay bigger than the Village of Rotwood (C). Just ask Noah.

  2. All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity and money from the State and Federal governments. You can do it Keith. Hoboken did.

  3. Whistleblower Guy is whistling though the graveyard.

  4. Who is delusional enough to think any government agency is going to spend money protecting a football field?

  5. Prioritizing the fields has not helped Ridgewood and is the reason that the Village is experiencing this now. No efforts were made by the engineering department or others until now because this is not the hundred year storm anymore, it is the every other month storm. Work to fix the things that are broken and prioritize people’s assets for the homeowners are dealing with a massive amount of stress and seeing their assets losing value. It is truly heartbreaking but it also shows that this council is laser focused on sports. Work with the people who may be losing their homes for crying out loud. The time is now.

  6. You start with the simple, low hanging fruits that do not take a PHD to think about. Start cleaning a few yards of brook bed per day. Just driving on N Maple you can see tree trunks and tons of debris in the water bed. I can’t even imagine what the hidden areas of the brook look like. But simple things are not worth it because they do not produce a whole lotta $.

    1. This should be an Eagle Scout project.

      1. Eagle scouts usually aren’t operating excavators and dump trucks. Which is needed to do this.

    2. That will solve nothing at all. I’m not being disagreeable, but it just won’t.

    3. Agreed….this would be a good start. However when the Village can’t even pick up leaves in a timely fashion, it will never happen.

  7. Forget the damn field. Protect the homes on East Saddle River Road area

  8. I actually took the time to listen to Keith at the VC meeting. He made a very coherent argument.

    Give the guy the benefit of the doubt and listen to him speak, then make up your own mind.

    1. No…not doing that.

      1. Well I guess your name is suitable then…

    2. the guy may be smart, the guy may have contacts, but the guy is indebted to Paul Vagianos, who gave him this 250K job!
      he needs to do what Paul wants for his voting block and for HIS properties in CBD.
      Money supply is limited – that has to go to honor Paul’s requested first.

      1. Post of the Day !

    3. He also made a very arrogant comment about taking issue with people and situations. Where does this guy get off even making a bold statement about his ego. Get over yourself and just do your job. He is getting paid a great deal of money and has resources that he can delegate to in order to get the business of the village through the good, bad and the ugly. This is the role and he isn’t getting paid to sit around and take photos.

  9. I have a feeling Paterson is going to get more help than Ridgewood from the Feds

    1. Ridgewood does not deserve the help

  10. You think??

  11. I agree that it only takes a little bit of inginuity to save our village from total flood destruction. Putting a field in a flood zone is probably not the best solution. Keeping it as turf is only benefitting the turf companies because if the rationale about turf is solely to have more play time but yet it is always being fixed/replaced then teams can’t play on it during that time and perhaps if it was grass, it would drain and dry out and not be a giant bubble in the middle that everyone wants to pop. The most precious resources that a community has are the people who live here and pay a boatload of taxes. This village continues to do things that will bring the people living East of the highway the huge headache of having their property value plummet. No one is going to want to live on that side of town anymore and this is really sad that the priority is not to make sure they are ok and not just hand out flyers about solid waste pick up.

    1. Nobody has ever really wanted to live on that side of town…just sayin’

      1. Good place to put the invaders from NY

      2. Amazing how ignorant you are. So you are literally labeling folks living on the East side of Ridgewood as nobody’s? What an elitist snob you are. I feel very sorry for you.

        1. Then move out of the east side…you know you hate it there.
          Everybody else does.

  12. Graydon Pool is still full of water. So no chance of it being used for flood control .

  13. For $250k/year and with all the resources at hand, I would make this town exemplary good and would take great pride and happiness in that. By just doing the glaring, obvious things that impact everyone. The village manager should be elected and not assigned by the Mayor. Anyone who is picked by Mayor would be owed by him and when you have crooks in power you’re basically just a tool.

  14. Did anyone notice that Keith is wearing a police jacket on the zoom village council meeting? What is this all about? Also, why is he taking another role with emergency management when he has enough on his plate? Am I missing something?

  15. The Village Manager specifically stated that the Mayor and council would need to approve the capital budget for 2024 for any funds coming out of the municipality for the program related to the Saddle River and HoHoKus brook. It should be interesting to see how this plays out and hos much money, time and effort will go to protecting homes that are at risk again of flooding nightmares.

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