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Village of Ridgewood Adopt-A-Tree Program

photo courtesy of Ridgewood park and rec
May 21,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood homeowners may Adopt-A-Tree from Village of Ridgewood. This policy will enable Ridgewood property owners to purchase and maintain a tree selected from an approved species list to place on median (village owned property) in front of their home.

A fee will be charged to homeowner, some special select species of tree may cost extra. This fee will allow Ridgewood residents to buy and a plant tree.

Trees will be planted in FALL of each year. In all instances,there are restrictions on where trees can be planted for various reasons such as sight lines, underground utilities, power lines, and sidewalk conflicts.

To participate in Adopt-a-tree • Apply to the Adopt-a-tree program (APPLICATION) Submitted to Shade tree Department.

• Village official will review application, if suitable spot in median exists an appropriate tree will be planted in the FALL. Residents will have option to have Shade Tree Department select the tree or elect to choose from the approved tree list. Fees will be set and due at time of application.
• Utilities will be marked and avoided prior to planting

8 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Adopt-A-Tree Program

  1. I’ve been on the list for a tree for about 23 years now. This seems like a less than worthwhile programs.

  2. yeah hello , more bull shit.

  3. We went with this program and we are very pleased how it turned out. As for the other two comments unless you try why not just SHUTUP.

  4. So I can pay for village services, in addition to my taxes?

  5. can someone adopt some of the trees in my yard?

  6. If you have discretionary money please give it to a real charity. Help people in need.

    Ridgewood has plenty of money. It is shameful for them to ask.

  7. OH happy days…takers set your calendars 5 years out the village engineers will be photographing your rising concrete slabs and ordering you to repair or pay fines Ect..This is not a Mr.Rogers moment..take advise from someone who paid over 1000 due to towns bad species of tree choice department.look at the sidewalk monsters planted 6 years ago.

  8. 3:23 – you’re obviously illiterate. I said I’d been on the list for 23 years and I wasn’t kidding. Literally, I’ve been on the Street Department list for 23 years.

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