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Village of Ridgewood Council Tracks Down Problems at Schedler

Schedler Property in Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, there have been an interesting turn of events at the Schedler property . According to sources close to the Village Council , it is being alleged that unauthorized changes were made to the Schedler plan including the addition of a pickleball court .

The state iced the project , due to too many uses proposed for the property . Realizing the project was stalled the council audited the project only to find changes in the site plan that were never authorized.  The council revamped and resubmitted the project and the state is back on board .

In the meantime 4 RICE notices were sent out to Village employees believed to be involved in the project in some way . A Rice Notice is a notification from a public body that it is going to discuss an individual’s employment in an upcoming meeting.

The word is that some disciplinary action will be taken , but what and who remains to be determined.

34 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Council Tracks Down Problems at Schedler

  1. No one ion the Council has been paying attention, they were too smitten with Paulie’s slide show.

  2. Well what department is responsible for these actions.are talking about
    1, parks
    2, recreation
    3, zoning
    4, building
    5, engineering
    6, Planning board
    7, Sports group
    8, Volunteer group
    Who would have the authorization and power to put down certain aspects of the site. This is very interesting. It sounds like some one, or a group it’s trying to slip something into the site. They must’ve thought that the mayor council wouldn’t read the article when it was time to pass.

    Very sneaky ?

  3. Let the heads start rolling!

  4. Off with their heads!

  5. The shit is going to hit the fan.

  6. Wasn’t it Heather’s job to check on Nancy and Chris? She should be disciplined as well.

  7. So, let me get this straight – An “unauthorized” pickleball court was added to the plan? Didn’t whomever added it realize that once construction of the court began, someone on the Council may have asked WTF?

  8. Where is the Mayor on all this.?How about the flooding at the Hudson St parking lot?

  9. Time for Heather to go. Bring back Ken Gabbert.

  10. Seriously, Heather do her Job? Your Joking right? for the money she makes, she sits back and does Nothing

  11. This has Nancy Bigios written all over it. She is a sneaky bitch

    Whatch her and get rid of her quickly!

  12. Three words…FIRE NANCY BIGIOS

  13. Sneaking in pickle ball courts like they snuck in A business at Habernickel. Wake up people. There are a lot of shady characters collecting BIG salaries, screwing neighborhoods for personal gain and overcrowding parks

  14. This is how they operate, they do whatever they think they can get away with. And sometimes they do , because people don’t pay attention.

  15. Disciplinary action? DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH. Village Employees have been rogue for decades. Seriously, a joke of an administration when it comes to consequences for staff violations. Just ask the Quarters Guy and his Supervisor (Chris RUTISHAUSER) who have no idea how over 800K in quarters went missing and they remain directly and indirectly employed by the Village.

  16. Did this all come to light at the last Village Hall meeting when a citizen called in questioning what was happening at Schedler and the designation of the entire property as historic? If so, I think we should thank that active citizen for looking out for the residents of the village!

  17. Nancy Bigos, Heather & Chris all need to be let go !!!! None of them care about residents & the quality of life in Ridgewood. If no one is going to watch them who is running this village ?

  18. More Pickleball drama. Wasn’t there a berm being constructed precisely to protect people in the area from road noise. Then sneak a pickleball court right in their midst, I am sure they will appreciate that. (sarcasm).

  19. That berm from Route 17 north
    Is like a garbage Dump with stones and Mud

  20. All the top management has been getting away with so much nonsense over the years. It’s just amazing it’s so embarrassing. They got caught and that’s it. The mayor and council need to do their job immediately. Heather has given her Underboss way too much power. Nancy, Chris, definitely need to be removed.

  21. This is beyond the icing on the cake and the cherry. This is the box and the string , Individuals were involved here again conducting illegal actions. The mayor and council must do their duty at this time .if not it shows that they are very weak and don’t care and they are condoning their actions. Obviously they know who was involved because four rice Notices Supposedly went out. Has anyone seen them. Who signed off on them. Who receive them. This is all public knowledge, this needs to be put on the table. And guess what they have no union protecting them. I know for a fact that they’ve been getting away with many illegal tactics. Guess what the cats out of the bag ,we say no more. This is beyond being tarnished, and conducting illegal activities These individuals that were involved obviously can’t be trusted anymore with village on Day to day Operations. The mayor is going to have to step in. She can handle it, we look forward with working with her. Didn’t we tell you last week more dirt going to come out, and there’s more to come. Little by little.

  22. We the taxpayers like to know who received rice notices.
    For them to receive rice notices this has to do more with pickle ball, this is enough.

  23. They submitted a plan different than the one the town AdHoc committee decided on. It was rejected by SHPO because it wasn’t in keeping with the guidelines for the development of the property. I believe this decision was not reported back to the council. They trusted the department heads. The village engineer has a checkered past and now this.

  24. It doesn’t look good. So who received the rice notices , And who did the rice notices come from .

  25. Some of us feel that the village manager is giving too much power to other individuals. And now it’s coming back don’t want her. She’s not going down for nobody. These other individuals have been in hot water a few times in the past. They have stayed over their time.

  26. its time to step up council and get rid of the bully Chris ( town engineer) and Bigios.

  27. put Healthbarn there she will watch the park like a hawk

  28. The mayor and council need to put their foot down. Enough is enough.

  29. Track down the problem. Hello it’s in house named BIGIOS and friends

  30. I’m sure it’s more than her. It takes a few to tango.

  31. Mayor can’t put her foot down as she is part of the problem. Heather and Chris need to go

  32. Is it Fricke who Heather is giving the power to? Bigios? Chris? Who are the four involved?

  33. Liberals been messing up our town.

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