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Village of Ridgewood Council: Turns out , the “Schedler Attorney” is NOT an attorney at all

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Ridgewood NJ, turns out, the “Schedler Attorney” is NOT an attorney at all. The self proclaimed history consultant, Peter Primavera, was passed off to be an attorney and slipped into closed session agendas, March 1 and 8. In the past, Peter Primavera has lied about his degrees, qualifications and falsified his resume under oath (yes, that’s perjury).

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In a brave stance of transparency, during the Special Public Budget Meeting, Councilwoman Lorraine Reynolds publicly disclosed Peter Primavera is a consultant, not an attorney. Therefore a violation and improper meeting notice (twice).

Despite the above, Village wide furloughs, service cuts and significant tax increase, the New Council plans to proceed with the hiring of Peter Primavera to overturn the Schedler Park plan.

Questions: Whose idea was it to hire Peter Primavera? Did Peter Primavera lie again about his degrees and qualifications? Why did the public notice improperly state “Attorney?” Did the New Council fail to check qualifications or a simple google search?

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34 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Council: Turns out , the “Schedler Attorney” is NOT an attorney at all

  1. Yet the band, led by Mayor Paul (“I understand “) Vagianos, plays on.

  2. Thank you Councilwoman Reynolds!

  3. This is what happens when you become obsessed with something Pam. You start to make mistakes.

  4. 4.33%. wow. What happened to Paul’s promises of bringing the tax down once CBD garage was built?

    1. Paul’s promises? you mean his lies, you can’t trust this Council one bit. The 3 Amigos where nothing compared to these four bumbleing idiots.
      The question is? If you voted for the New NORMAL council, are you embarrassed yet?

  5. If Vagianos and his crew are successful in overturning the historic status, taxpayers will be required to return the $2.5 million of State grant funding used when the property was purchased.

  6. Becky has created a monster.

  7. Who recommended Mr. Primavera?

  8. this is disgraceful. why can’t we the people do anything to get them out. I am scared for Ridgewood more then ever!

  9. I don’t want Pasta Primavera representing the town on our dime. Fire him NOW.

  10. Wow, what a bombshell that this guy has lied about credentials AND worse, has perjured himself. performing the same thing he is promising to Ridgewood? But the sports people won’t care if they can try to get their field. The problem is that all of this will be expensive and the state will be involved as the historic house is NJ state designated historic property that the Village has accepted money for. So, where did the $500K come from and in light of furloughs, how does any of this make sense. All for a ballfield. The Village is also being very secretive and improperly posted notifications of interviewing an attorney when this individual was not an attorney. They are being deceptive, this consultant is being deceptive. The VC has been stacked by people who only care about the regulation turf field, with the exception of one. They admitted to looking for loopholes to get what they want at the last council meeting. By exploring options that other councils did not explore and had not thought about. This consultant has probably assured them that he will find the LOOPHOLES at great expense. He will probably do CAD drawings and artist renderings at great expense so that they can develop this field. The fact that most of this council feels feel justified in spending this money, which is selfish when people won’t get paid is truly outrageous.

  11. the grant money will have to be refunded to SHPO/BCounty if the historic designation removed. the grant money was given BECAUSE the area was deemed historic.
    Thank you Lorraine Reynolds for being the only truthful member of the council.

  12. Lorraine is the ONLY voice of reason in this ridiculous equation. Everyone else is steadfast in their agenda plus one VC has a husband who is a big sports guy, isn’t that a conflict of interest….Plus, you can’t simply just give grant money back to the State of NJ. Doesn’t work that way. I believe a legal battle will ensue which will be way more expensive than this ridiculous consultant who has been exposed for bad deeds as mentioned in the post.

  13. We’re not worried. We’re…

    1. I Understand !

  14. Ironic, Paul is shouting disingenuous to Councilwoman Lorraine Reynolds and he’s the one bringing criminals to Ridgewood and meeting behind closed doors.

  15. Sign the petition to stop this madness.

  16. Please stop with the dopey petitions, they are a waste of time. Concentrate your activities on the State Historic Commission. Find out who the commissioners are and write letters to them. Also stop with the buffer argument and the cancer from turf field arguments. Nobody cares about your buffer, and nobody cares about a field you can choose to avoid.

    The council has hired an “expert” to attempt an overturn of the historic designation. Be smart enough to realize that is where the fight is going to be won or lost.

    1. The petitions can be provided to the State as well.

  17. Absurd to hire this guy whether a non-attorney or a consultant lying about his credentials. Even if there is a contract, his being investigated for fraud would surely enable breaking it. His career should be OVER.

    Council, you were elected by people who trusted you, perhaps naively. Whatever you promised to your friends, cut it out and stop it. And please stop wasting money.

  18. I can dream. Indictments, search warrants, and arrest warrants…………………………..

  19. A quick Google search of this guy reveals that he operates numerous businesses out of run down two family houses. Doesn’t look too prosperous to me. Why would the mayor even be considering doing business with somebody who was investigated for perjury and admitted to lying? The mayor may understand, but I sure don’t.

    1. Our lying Mayor is getting a kick back from the fraud

  20. Vagianos is a shaky guy himself so I guess he feels comfortable doing business with another shaky guy.

  21. Sorry Pam. This proves Anne Loving‘s point. You are so obsessed with building a sports complex that you’ll do business with anyone, even the devil if necessary.

  22. Back in January 2023, the current VC was sworn in and there were many touching sentiments expressed. The new VC members thanked their families for the loving support they were given and it made me think about the importance of each of the families in the Schedler community. Some highlights from that session include VC member Weitz who said that Democracy doesn’t work if good people aren’t willing to put themselves out there to run for office, and that he would ensure that he lived up to the high standards that this community deserves and would work for all of us. Newly elected VC member Winograd was sworn in with her mom and family standing by and maintained that she would leave her website up to benchmark her campaign promises. As it clearly states “When elected, I will promptly work to implement the 2017 plan for Schedler Park, with its new youth athletic field, walking path, and children’s playscape, that was publicly approved by the VC under former Mayor Ramon Hache and bring that park to life as soon as possible. I will also establish a short-duration task force to explore future revenue-generating uses for the historic house at Schedler, which now stands unfinished and without a designated use. With each day that passes, the dormant Schedler property continues to cost Ridgewood taxpayers more money without any accompanying benefit. She also emphasized that the quality and transparency of Village communications were at the top of her list, however the intention to interview an attorney who we now find out is a consultant is in no way transparent, so there is more work to be done on that front. My take on Councilwoman Reynolds is that speaks from the heart and is open to meaningful change and conflict resolution. When there is a giant Fushia elephant in the room, she doesn’t whisk it away but rather listens to learn from residents who are expressing real concerns that will impact their lives and the lives of their family members who they hold dear. While she has not come out in favor of a large turf field, she is likely the only one listening to residents who feel there is a risk to go in this direction. Then there is Mayor Vagianos who was sworn in as Mayor during that very meeting. Ironically all of his comparisons to being Mayor and working with the VC were like a team playing for Ridgewood which in the end was the only thing that matters. He went on to say that every resident is also part of the “team” and that everyone needs to get off the bench and get into the game. I couldn’t agree more and isn’t that exactly what the Schedler community is doing to preserve their neighborhood and keep their families safe and healthy. Last but not least, VC member and Deputy Mayor Perrin was concise and to the point that evening expressing that Ridgewood’s future certainly looked bright and cautioned each VC member to pay attention to every resident, business owner and visitor whom you have contact with and listen until you really understand their issues. She went on to remind them that Ridgewood’s Village staff and employees are their greatest asset. I am sure this will be a comfort to staff who are furloughed as a result of the budget all the while half a million in funds is being used to pay for a consultant to evaluate the historical significance of Schedler and potentially manipulate this land for a large regulation turf field that only serves to benefit the sports cohorts. How is this for the greater good. It is a disgrace to hire waste precious dollars on a consultant who has billed themselves as an historic and architectural expert but actually has misrepresented his academic credentials. I say to you as our elected trustees you have a duty to uphold the honor and integrity of Ridgewood, so please remember that.

  23. I feel it is my duty to clarify for the very ignorant comment up above “Also stop with the buffer argument and the cancer from turf field arguments. Nobody cares about your buffer, and nobody cares about a field you can choose to avoid.” My response is that I am not sure if you have been absent from life for about the last 20 years or so. It is not about AVOIDING the field if/when it is built. Artificial turf has been PROVEN to contain PFAS and other toxic chemicals which cause cancer and other issues to both children and adults. These toxic chemicals will get into the well water that many of the residents in that area of town use on a daily basis. why don’t you educate yourself a little bit.

    1. Sounds like you want woke grass

  24. They talking about saving money, which is a great thing. Well start with the paid stipends, stop all the overtime, stop all the oncall time. Have Bergen county come in and handle Central dispatch. Bergen County take over water, pollution plant. I am one person for village manager, and police chief change the title around to police commander, or how about Colonel. It could be done. If you get the right person. And do you think the village is going to stay in the sanitation business down the road. The trucks are 300,000 each come on.

  25. ridgewood has become a joke

  26. no one googled him because it didn’t cost enough

  27. The residents of Ridgewood need to demand a full accounting of this consultant’s resume prior to the Council letting him perform any services or getting paid. This includes a full evaluation of his credentials, any references furnished along with the credentials for any of his colleagues from his firm that will also perform the work . This is a standard background check that is conducted when you apply for a job. If they have the dollars to pay for these services, then they can afford a background check. The fact that he has potentially lied and perjured himself may not have the same impact on the Village Council that it does on the residents for whom they have a sworn fiduciary relationship to protect. An investigation is in order.

  28. There’s no more money, no money for emergencies, no money for stipends, no more money for pizza parties, no money for all the time, except place and fire, and freeze on promotions, freeze on hiring, all supervisors will work in the field, there will be rotation on Sanitation, recycling, yard waste, so put your sneakers on. enjoy. You don’t like it find another job says ,( v – e ) the person forgot where he came from.

  29. This guy is a liar and a bully. He rented my house and stopped paying rent after one month! After three months I filled for eviction and he said he wanted his security deposit back or he would have his lawyers sue me! Wrote nasty letter after, nasty letter, because I am a senior citizen and he thought I was at his mercy. I guess every dog has his day!

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