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Village of Ridgewood Curbside Pick Up Ordinance Proposal

Village of Ridgewood Curbside Ordinance Proposal

Good afternoon,

At last night’s Council meeting, we introduced the basic ordinance for curbside pick-up, Ord. 3805, along with the ordinance that sets the fee at $100 per week, Ord. 3807. I attach them both here together
with the maps that Chief Luthcke and Sgt. Chuck drew up to show where the reserved spots could potentially be. In rough outline, businesses can join together with residents to underwrite a full day spot(s), pay
for 6 days, but the spot(s) would be reserved for 7 days as Grab & Go 15-minute parking that would be free to customers in cars. An occupant would have to remain in the vehicle, and idling would be limited to no
more than 3 minutes. Kathryn Schmidt and Paul Vagianos called in to stress the need for flexibility, to say that the program must be affordable, and that a half-day program would be more workable. Chief
Luthcke commented that requiring people to stay in the car excludes certain people unnecessarily. Mayor Knudsen said the CBD functions all day; therefore, to accommodate residents at risk for COVID-19, the reserved spots should be all day. Councilman Sedon said he would favor 4:00 to 9:00 p.m., but for now we should get this done. I also stated my support for passing these ordinances and amending them later if necessary, noting that 15-minute meters shouldn’t be moved.

The formal public hearing on these ordinances will be at the August 5 Council meeting. Anyone may formally comment on the proposed ordinances that evening right before the Council votes. Informally,
people can also e-mail their thoughts/suggestions to Councilmembers anytime between now and then. If Council passes these ordinances, they will go into effect on August 25. Note, no substantive changes can be
made to the introduced ordinance. Once it passes, however, the Council can entertain amendments. Based on the discussion, there also seemed to be willingness to have signage acknowledging the sponsors. My
understanding is that that can be addressed by resolution (faster) than by ordinance.

Pam Perron

15 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Curbside Pick Up Ordinance Proposal

  1. By all means do whatever Paul wants.
    I didn’t know his business now wraps around the corner and down Chestnut St.

  2. If the Village actually cared about businesses in town they would temporarily set these spaces aside without cost. Once again they have to make a buck on the businesses that are already having a hard time making ends meet. These funny thing is these businesses are now getting to pay for the unneeded garage they fought for.

  3. We can’t set aside anything without cost.
    We have a garage to pay for.
    The Titanic set sail in Ridgewood a couple of years ago.
    Any forecast of hitting an iceberg were ignored.
    COVID-19 will provide some cover, but the numbers will never work, and the public will be revolted with the meter rates.

  4. Shut down the meters thru year end. Give small businesses a chance but move the Greek place outdoor tables back in front of their restaurant. They are actually blocking the fire hydrant.

  5. The outdoor seating for It’s Greek to Me is outrageous. The poor guy at Bibillia has no room foe even 2 tables. Bully

  6. Um, if there is a person in the car with the engine running, they are standing…not parking. Isn’t that legal anyway? What am I missing?

  7. This bullshit in this town is going to be ridiculous. There should be no fee at all. And parking should be free for the month of August so these businesses can maybe hold on a little bit longer. People to not want to pay for parking. The parking garage was a big waste of money .With that kind of money you got a repaved all the streets in the CBD. The walnut street parking lot is a mess.

  8. This report is unintelligible. I thought she was talking about curbside pickup of garbage

    1. us too at first

  9. … wait till they get a load of the tax hikes … 😂😭😭😭

  10. Yes they should go back to curbside pick up for Sanitation. It was working out very well.

    1. this is food pick up from restaurants in the CBD

  11. Was this incoherent drivel actually written by council pamela perron? Using constant contact to distribute Village documents? Wow. not surprising she’s a disappointment

  12. Who’s running this town.
    The mayor and. Council .
    Of coarse what else is new.
    They are the real boss’s of the village. Everyone else is a yes puppet. Enjoy the show.

  13. to the ‘doctor’ retard.
    the town looked like shit with curbside garbage pickup and has ZERO benefit to residents except make the town look like shit. Do us a favor and move back to NYC with your smelly garbage .

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