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Village of Ridgewood Department of Parks and Recreation Graydon Pool

Graydon Pool Ridgewood

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Ridgewood NJ,  In an attempt to safely operate the Graydon Pool recreational swimming facility to the public during this COVID 19 health crisis, many changes must occur. The facility will operate and look differently than it has in the past as we continue to adhere to social distancing safeguards and the CDC direct specifications.

At this time there is no set opening date, as we await clearance from the Governor, with July 1st being the earliest we could open.  Graydon’s operating hours will be split into two sessions, morning 10:30am-2:30pm and afternoon 3:30pm-7:30pm with guests being admitted on a first come first serve basis every day until capacity is hit.

The purchasing of seasonal memberships will resume online at Patrons will have a myriad of opportunities to purchase the membership that best fits their need.

Season Passes for both residents and non-residents will be sold at the regular season rate, with the understanding that there will be no refunds if they are denied entrance at any point during the season, or change their mind at a later date.  Seasonal badge memberships do not give priority to any patron, if they arrive and the capacity has been reached they will not be admitted at that date and time.

Individual daily passes will also be sold for a half day session to both Residents and Non residents for $10 a person on a first come first serve basis at the badge office.

2020 Membership Fees can be found below:

Resident Season Membership Fee
Adult (16 to 61 years old) $130.00
Child (2 to 15 years old) $120.00
Senior Citizen* (62 years or older) $30.00
Permanently Disabled* $30.00
Non Resident Season Membership
Adult (16 to 16 years old) $220.00
Child (2 to 15 years old) $195.00
Daily Passes (Residents and Non Residents) Purchase at the badge office on day of visit
Children under 2 years old Free
Children, Adults, Seniors ½ Day Pass $10.00

*Documentation Required

9 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Department of Parks and Recreation Graydon Pool

  1. Finally, Nancy Bigos appears to have gotten the message. Residents want the pool opened!

  2. Residents are going to lose a huge amount of money (-$50,000 BEST case) to pay for this all so 60-100 people a day can use Graydon…. how is this fair to the rest of us who don’t use Graydon? It costs $85,000 just to open Graydon!

    1. better use it then

  3. If there are limited spaces, why are they opening up to out of town residents?

  4. The $50K loss for the town was a very optimistic estimate. That figure was calculated with the understanding that seasonal passes would not be offered (e.g. everyone would pay $10/person) and without considering possible capacity limits (it is expected that the Governor’s order will include capacity and other limitations). The $50K best case scenario also did not include additional expenses for COVID-19 compliance (e.g. additional cost of cleaning supplies, etc.). The loss to the town will be FAR greater than $50K.

    I want the pool to open; I think it’s a great sign of returning to normal. However, the “new normal” will severely impact the taxpayers long term. We need to get creative and identify other revenue opportunities. Anyone have any ideas we can bring to the council?

  5. Try to keep a perspective. We’ve got a town population of around 25K, so even if Graydon membership was free (which it isn’t) that $50K represents $2 per person out of the thousands per year we’re paying in real estate taxes ($18K for me). In reality a typical 2+2 family is going to be paying $500 for season passes, so hardly a free ride.

    With everyone cooped up at home and tensions rising, having Graydon open seems a smart idea whether or not your choosing to take advantage of it.

  6. It’s going to be a lot worse than a $50,000 “Best case” loss to Village taxpayers . We’ll get the actual number in the fall. I bet it will be closer to a -$300,000 loss based on the costs to open ($85,000), operate with new PPE and and cleaning & sanitizing procedures, etc. And if someone were to get sick or catch CV-19, the Village opens itself up to a whole new can of liability.

  7. I think a lot of people are missing the point… Graydon has never been a financial backbone of the village. it exists as an important recreational amenity and despite its explicit costs contributes to the scenery and tradition that define Ridgewood and allow for property value and quality of life to be so high. Yes opening Graydon will present a net loss financially but I think griping about that is completely missing the point of why people want it to open in the first place.

  8. I guess you’re not a property tax payer

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