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Village of Ridgewood Moves Forward with the Repair of the East Saddle River Road Footbridge

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Ridgewood NJ, residents in the area of Ridgewood between West and East Saddle River Roads are finally getting a new foot bridge .The Ridgewood Village Council unanimously voted to repair East Saddle River Road Footbridge (a.k.a. the Kingsbridge Footbridge) versus replacing it .Many students, commuters and residents are looking forward to the footbridge being operational again. Residents grew frustrated and felt they were being stonewalled by the engineering department as to when work would be started on the bridge.

Mayor Susan  Knudsen met with neighbors and heard their concerns about the footbridge’s closure and repair. The Village Engineer had recommended replacing the bridge with a far more costly and larger wheelchair accessible bridge. That created a logistical nightmare for implementation .East Saddle River Road has little in the way of sidewalks and the enormity of the structure would have been exceedingly difficult to fit in the given space. The physical structure of the old bridge is sound, thus it could be repaired versus replaced.

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The mayor spearheaded getting funding by an outside agency that would design repairs for the footbridge to keep its aesthetic in the neighborhood. Repairing the footbridge will be far quicker and save the Village hundreds of thousands of dollars than replacing it.


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7 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Moves Forward with the Repair of the East Saddle River Road Footbridge

  1. “As discussed at a Village Council meeting a few months back, the Village already contracted with a structural engineer who determined the bridge was damaged beyond repair.”

    Who was the structural engineer and was his original report a lie?

    1. the Village Engineer

  2. I’ve used this bridge probably more than any other Village resident. For goodness sake, the repairs are ridiculously minimal. Can be repaired by Village staff in a couple of days. It won’t, it will go to bid and cost too much, but there is the bureaucracy at its best. Glad it did not have to be replaced. I can’t imagine even justifying it. Great conclusion.

  3. Every Road esp Linwood avenue from route 17 up to duck pond is bombed out .no excuses state or local roads are a disgrace . PSEG Trenching will be the most convenient
    Excuse for the next 10 years .

    Wait till the snow plows tear up the hot patch brigades shoddy work..

    1. “PSEG Trenching will be the most convenient”


      The rules of life require that the road is repaved to the smoothness of a baby’s behind, is left that way so the work is noticed and appreciated.

      ONLY at that point can PSE&G do their trenching, taking special care that the trench is closed just well enough that there is a noticeable change in pavement quality located where a wheel must interact with the change in surface and the vehicle cannot be maneuvered such that the trench cannot be between the wheels.

      Run on sentences are an extra benefit.

  4. Hope people understand how lucky we are with mayor knudsen. Jim is an honest and decent man. Voting for Knudsen and Van Goor.

  5. What is the repair price. Anyone know just curious.

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